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  1. There is one possibility concerning the forum badge that might appear further in the future: if PoE adopts a long-term model at all like the Shadowrun Returns games (which are the closest real comparison/dignified competition PoE has, in a way) then there will be further Kickstarters for the "real" sequels to PoE. The expansions are obviously funded purely by purchases, but there's really no reason to not run a KS for a sequel, and the Harebrained guys even like to point out that they get lots of important feedback for each Shadowrun game from their backers for a given project. So if PoE goes
  2. Ahh, my little thread lives. Yes, the general conclusion was that while replacing the files in one existing VO set with another was not too terribly difficult (see my big post above), putting in whole new VO sets for player use is substantially more difficult because the game is not configured to recognize the existence of new voice sets just via file drop-in; the in-game database files need to be modified as well so the game knows what to look for. This is going to require either direct modification of the game client via the Unity SDK itself, or a deeper PoE-specific modification tool fr
  3. To be frank, any new "major" area - Aedyr, Republican Vailia, Rauatai, even Readceras - is going to have to be a new game ala BG2. Due to the way they put their maps together, any new maps need to be rendered from scratch and will probably need to be concepted out regardless. If they want to do a whole new region, most of it's going to have to be scratch-built. So even in a meaty expansion, I wouldn't expect to go any further than Eir Glanfath or maybe Readceras if they decide to recycle a lot of architectural design due to the shared cultural background of Dyrwood and Readceras. Going bac
  4. Sure, the character data simply points to a filename. So long as the game can find PORTRAIT_NAME_L and _S, and they're .pngs of the right dimensions, the game won't care what the actual files are. You can replace the portrait as many times as you want... just make sure you keep some kind of portrait with the same filename there, or the game is gonna throw a fit!
  5. I'm certain there are plans for us to eventually visit every corner of Eora. At the very least, I expect we'll be visiting Aedyr itself in the not-distant future (as the end of PoE's campaign might shake up certain things there more than anywhere else) and I wouldn't be surprised if we visit Rauatai sometime soon, given how much foundation it gets from Kana. The Living Lands do seem like a perfect place for the creature and environment teams to really cut loose, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a decent push internally to go there soon.:
  6. Which Near Infinity kindly explained! A little downloading and I was able to decompress them. Which is to say... Haha! Ahahahaha! AHAHAHAHA! I'VE DONE IT! I have Female Fighter 3 working in the game! This is magnificent! Thank you all for your help! Right now it's working as a simple paste-over of the Noble voice, which my character was previously using (and whose spell barks match the new vocals most closely). Hopefully there will be a way to get more voice sets overall into the game, but for now this works, and works well. As I thought, while there's a bit of repetition, the IWD
  7. That's actually why I was asking and a little confused - they're obviously WAVs, but for some reason they don't want to render/play in my usual playback software, so I was wondering if there was anything particularly funny/ancient about their formatting. I'll see if Near Infinity helps, though, thank you!
  8. Actually, since there isn't a good place for it otherwise, let me ask here: is anyone familiar with the sound format of the Baldur's and Icewind voice files? While they work in the games themselves still (and I even got the IWD ones working in BGTutu and BG2), I can't seem to open them with any modern playback software or converter - which is a problem, as they need to be converted from their apparent .wav format to .ogg if I'm going to fiddle with any replacement in Pillars! From their quality in the game, I'm guessing they're 16 or even 8-bit samples? Is that's what is causing the playback i
  9. These are both great and helpful, thank you very much! If nothing else I can just plop the IWD voice set into female noble and be off to the races. It'd still be nice to put entire new vocal sets into the game, though; Velocd, exactly how much C# work are we talking about, here? Are the files even available for open editing in the current client? It would be nice if we could get one of the Obsidian sound guys to stop by and detail how a new player vocal set could be added to the game (or if this is even really possible). Also this thread really took off when I wasn't looking! Thanks fo
  10. Wanted to give this a little bump for the afternoon crowd - do we know if voice pack addition is possible? (Of course I also need to figure out a way to get the ancient IWD voice clips to play nice with modern software and render so that they can be converted to .ogg, but that's a whole separate travail )
  11. So I was wondering: new portraits is easy enough, but is it possible to add additional voice sets to the game? I will be fairly naked in my ambitions: what I want to do is add "female_fighter_3" from Icewind Dale to the game. That is more or less my favorite "protagonist voice" ever in a game like this (and more to the point, the game is strangely lacking in higher-register lady voices for protagonists/custom-mades in general). Seeing as how I own IWD, I could "construct" the sound-set myself if need be... if it's possible. Which is why I ask: is there any capacity for new voice sets in Pi
  12. As a dude who works in localization, I can tell you from experience that voicework in any language is monstrously expensive. Multilingual voicework might be on the cards as, like, a 4m+ stretch goal or something. I have no doubt a decent portion of the budget is going to be sunk into voicework alone. Anyway, sweet update and I can't wait for that novella from Chris.
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