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  1. My main problem came when I reached Defiance Bay. I've been nothing but lost in that town. I even bought the hint book they put out and that just got me even more turned around. Quest after Quest in that town don't seem to start as it should, or at all. I've sent five or six crews into that town and have yet gotten past it. The rest of the game is a blank to me.. I'll never see WM 1 or 2.... I haven't loaded the game to get the newest update... what for?? Does it make DB easier to wade through?? I don't think so. Ah well.... I do agree with Abel that Healing as done i
  2. Yes I did. Of course I haven't heard anything from them. I was just posting this to see if anyone else had the same issue. Doesn't look like it though. Thanks for the reply Rosbjerg. Grom
  3. Hello; I tried to play the game today and I kept getting this box telling me that I was about to download the game. I was very confused, as I have been playing the game for a good while now. I have the Pillars game and both parts of WM. I went to my steam account and it shows Pillars in my library, but shows it as not installed. What the heck is going on?? I'm not sure I enjoy this game well enough to have to reinstall it every time I want to play it. Grom
  4. I would like to find a playthrough like you outline as well. I also would like them to go through WM 1 & 2 as well.
  5. A good coffee mug never hurts. And I sure understand about not having the cash... Been there, luckily though, past that... And of course, my friend, beer never hurts.
  6. I disagree WHY. I would love some stuff from PoE myself. Coffee cups, t-shirts, figures.... it would be cool.
  7. I've read over this thread and it seems to me that the main point of the OP's post as well as Davionic's keeps getting missed. Everyone keeps talking about how FoW helps with tactics and such, this maybe true, however, folks miss the fact that we are dealing with TWO types of FoW here. Only one type of FoW is the problem. This being the grey covering the map AFTER you have opened the map by walking it's ground and besting it's monsters. PoE has no wandering monsters... Once you have cleared an area it stays cleared. This being the case, of what use is this hazy grey FoW? There is no m
  8. I did notice that anything you sell to the shop is then always in their inventory. And as you all have said, it seems that that is the extent of their inventory. All the shops in the stronghold really need a makeover.
  9. Thessaly: My understanding of the WM trigger is that it has nothing to do with Act 3. Instead it triggers once you've gone to one of the places that your quest log should show you as having to visit in DB. Reading this topic that place was mentioned in a post just above yours. If I knew how to hide spoilers I'd say more... but I don't so there ya go. Good Luck and if I make it to DB and trigger WM I'll PM ya how it happened if you would like. It may take a bit though... I started a fresh team and haven't even made the hanging tree yet.
  10. Thessaly... From what I read so far in this thread, you can open WM fairly quickly once you hit Defiance Bay. You just have to trigger a stepping stone in the Main Quest. I'm guessing you can do that as soon as you reach DB... I don't know for sure as I haven't tried it yet. I'm like you and will not pass up any side quests if it can be helped. Though I have run into a few that don't seem to like me at all and won't trigger. Hope this was of help.
  11. Sorry there is no link... I'm not really link handy. I was wondering the same thing and noticed one of the DEV's say that you have to finished a Major Quest in Defiance Bay before you can go to White March. I'm guessing that that means a quest that feeds into the Main Quest, not one of the many side quests there. Hope this helps. Grom
  12. Thanks SW... I saw that post after I posted this question... That will learn me to look before posting. )
  13. BAdler; Thanks for the thank you gifts... I missed this post before I posted my question on the other thread.
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