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  1. actually yes...ive done it about 10 times where all group has been highlighted right clicked on a monster and they all face charge the monster... so sadly you are clueless and wrong
  2. where to begin with this P.O.S game....firstly i love the logic the makers of this trash game used with hunter pets... "lets put the things players want to tank the impossibly strong monsters at the back of the party"!! trying to attack monsters, ranged part of your team rushes the monsters face instead of getting to max range and shooting their bow or such like they did in baldur's gate, in this P.O.S game within 2 seconds of combat your range characters get one shot due to the horrible stupidity of this god aweful combat system.... and you cant even fking change it to anything close to decent.... when unchecked "disable auto attack" they still stand around doing nothing after they kill one monster... another great logic.... most of the classes are unfun unclear and just plain bad designed... especially the chanter who stands there for 10 hours chanting a stupid tone which does almost jack ****...... what i come to realize the best way to play this garbage game is to go to the inkeeper and make a full party of hunters and pets... so that by the time the overpowered monsters get through all your pets you will have bowed them to death.... hopefully... but this defeats the purpose of having other characters in your party who are pretty much useless because they all get one shotted.... as a long time baldur's gate fan im truely insulted by this beyond terrible **** ripoff game.... the makers of this game should be sued by the owners of BG and bared from making any game again... they have 0 understanding what makes a good game... thank god i didnt pay for this P.O.S game i would be demanding my money back.... what a **** joke!
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