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  1. Every attribute a dump. That's how to roll (har!) when you do that triple crown solo. Anything more is just gaming the system. (Yes, I use the attribute blessing. I like my heroes to feel heroic and this lets me get a little max without so much min.)
  2. If you simply want to always start with the item(s)… Create a yourname.gamedatabundle file with these contents: { "GameDataObjects": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.PromotionalItemCollectionGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "Your_DebugName_Here", "ID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.PromotionalItemCollectionComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "PromotionalItemCollections": { "PromotionalItemCollection": [
  3. The Lone Polymath is now available at the Deadfire Nexus. This adds a trinket (and an identical ring for grimoire lovin' wizards) intended to help those soloing tackle skill checks without the benefit of party assist. I really want to do an item that instead multiplies skills, but there's no "SkillMult" or "SkillAllMult" status effect types that I'm aware of (trying to add a skill's value to itself resulted in numerous violations of the time/space continuum and shan't be discussed further here ). The Lone Polymath is a cheat and/or a tool. It's ridiculously overpowered and yet n
  4. This crash happened for me as well. I was looking forward to some sort of game over screen. Logs and dump available if requested.
  5. I've tried to solo with Lem in the physical game. Only Lem himself could find the words to do it justice. Challenge noted.
  6. You may have to beat the tutorial. Once you do so it takes you to the party creation page for the real Rise of the Runelords adventure. Without paying I think you only have access to a couple characters, but it should be enough to get you going. (I already purchased the bundle so I cannot say what exactly you'd have for free, but definitely more than just the tutorial!)
  7. You may need to go through the tutorial at least the once. Once you complete it, it takes you right to the party creation page to set you off on the main Rise of the Runelords path with characters of your choosing. There may be a way to bypass the tutorial but since I did it, I can't really say.
  8. I've lost a game and/or a piece of my sanity by gently/accidentally brushing the daintiest molecule of a fingertip across a die before setting up an optimal roll. Then other times I'm running my fingers all over those stubborn dice like a manic finger-painter, and, well, no dice.
  9. I bought the bundle, and it gave me everything on the aforementioned list (including the add-on characters) except for the add-on deck © proper. So I squandered more money/gold and got deck "C" (which again was not showing as already owned). It's possible that this was a glitch due in part to my impatience and/or impertinence and I needlessly squandered money/gold. More money for Obsidian Apple! They need it! Edit—Yes, it was my impatience:
  10. Optional options are optimal. Everywhere that drag and drop (or swiping, e.g. to roll dice) is mandatory, it should be optional. The reverse is true as well. Support both worlds and those players that freely bounce between. I wouldn't mind so much if the drag and drop/swiping were consistently working. I have an older iPad without force touch, and yet I find myself sometimes pressing the screen harder just to get a drag or swipe to "take".
  11. On the party selection screen, click the "Experienced" tab to see the characters you have littering that display. Click on a character, then next to the portrait, click on the "…" button. One of the options is Delete. If it is grayed out, that character is probably still in a party, so you may need to go to the initial selection screen (from the "Story" button I think?) and remove any undesired parties. Apologies if I have the precise terminology incorrect. My iPad is off charging somewhere because the game does burn the battery.
  12. I think the voiced dialogue combined with the descriptive narrative works wonderfully. I understand some are discomfited by it but I honestly can't grok that. Perhaps the pacing could be better, and when a page of narrative describes the NPC chuckling, but the chuckle either doesn't happen or prefaces the dialogue as read on the subsequent page. yeah, that should've been handled better. When I come to a chunk of dialogue for an otherwise voiced NPC that isn't voiced, I'm like, "Well, I guess THIS wasn't the right option!" or "This wasn't important, was it?"
  13. Just roll a bald-headed barbarian aumaua, name him Meanks, and go to town with your space pig. Unless you didn't preorder and don't have the space pig. I can understand why some aren't enjoying this game. I'd keep a copy around, though. Maybe one day you'll be in a better mode (or mood) for it.
  14. I think all NPCs should be modifiable. I'd like to give my opponents ones in everything. For the greater balance, after all.
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