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Found 5 results

  1. I know this place is quiet, but I'm really enjoying getting back into this game for another play through before having a crack at PoE 2. I'm a soft min/maxer at heart, and prefer playing with in game NPC's. I don't generally super charge my MC and instead try to spread good gear around to everyone. I'm mostly looking for any items I should be using, in lieu of items I might be over rating or just don't need as much as I think. Mostly because I probably don't know any better. I don't think I need to go over talents, I think I have that pretty sussed... I made an effort to spread out Soulbound weapons as much as possible, to reduce the amount of durganizing and upgrading that I need. I'm not tying the dwarves to the forge, so I might be tight on durgan, however I think I am OK on upgrades. -> Main Character - Rhea - Priest of Magran Mountain Dwarf - Deadfire Archipelago - Explorer - I sailed with cold-blooded conquerors. M 17 (2) - C 8 - D 18 - P 12 (2) - INT 17 (1) - RES 6 (1) () = Talents Weapon set 1: Pilambo per Casitas (Godhammer is an option as well) Weapon set 2: Steadfast + Redfield Head: Company Captain's Cap Neck: Comfort Armor: Boatswain's uniform (early), Clothes (mid to late) Hands: Celebrant's Gloves Ring: Ring of Deflection Ring: Ring of Protection Waist: Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer Boots: Malina's Boots Comments: Arrrrr I'm a Pirate Priest for PoE 2. I considered a Priest of Eothas, but I couldn't RP it in my head like I wanted too, and that's strangely important to me... -> Eder Weapon set 1: Edge of Reason (duped) + Sheathed in Autumn (if not duped...) Weapon set 2: Wendgar Head: Maegfolc Skull Neck: Ruphec's Watchful Cloak MK II Armor: Pike's Pride (Superb + Durganized) Hands: Siegebreaker Guantlets Ring: Iron Circle Ring: Ring of Protection Waist: Girdle of the Driving Wave Boots: Frythr's Plated Greaves Comments: If I punched in and understand everything right, I'm pretty sure provided Armored Grace + Durganized everything + Outlander's Frenzy, Eder should be self sufficient 0 recovery, with a minor knock to recovery if I turn on Vulnerable Attack. DAoM potion fixes this, but is also very much overkill... A pair of Rimecutters work too, but would definitely need to be upgraded and duped, so I would have no way to get a second Superb ranged weapon for Pallegina (if that matters?). I do know a pair of Bittercut's are probably better, but I enjoy the weapon separation between Pallegina and Eder more. -> Aloth Weapon set 1: Gyrd Haewanes Stenes Weapon set 2: Spelltongue (just cause) + Little Savior Head: Garodh's Chorus (Preservation) Neck: Mantle of the Excavator Armor: Aloth's Leather Armor Hands: Glittering Guantlets Ring: Ring of Protection Ring: Gwyn's Band of Union Waist: Belt of the Stelgaer Boots: Greenstained Boots Comments: Aloth could wear clothes if I wanted to maximize casting speed, but I feel comfortable with him wearing his original armor durganized. Gwyn Haewanes could go on my Priest for the increased accuracy, but I find it such a great weapon for Aloth on any fight where I don't need to unleash a string of debuffs all fight long. I also put Aspirant's Mark on Aloth so he always has something to contribute in every encounter. -> Pallegina Weapon set 1: Leadsplitter (Superb + duped? Duganized?) Weapon set 2: Leadsplitter OR Dulcanale/Silver Flash Weapon set 3: The Flames of Fair Rhian + Outworn Buckler Head: N/A Neck: Cloak of Protection Armor: Ryona's Breastplate Hands: Ryona's Vambraces Ring: Pensiavi mes Rei Ring: Ring of Deflection Waist: Coil of Resourcefulness Boots: Fenwalkers Comments: The Fire General build, without a lot of the per rest items, but I would probably swap those in and out as needed. I don't know about Leadsplitter. Is it really better or comparable to the Arquebuses or Pistols with Flames of Devotion? It would seem its low per pellet damage wouldn't multiply well with Flames of Devotion etc. However if Boeroer says it's good, it's probably good, so who am I to argue? My only gripe is how talent intense this build is. I want so many talents early, and well, you can't get em all. -> Hiravias Weapon set 1: Greenstone Staff Weapon set 2: Captain Viccilo's Anger + Black Sanctuary (or Reghar Konnek just for style points...) Head: White Crest's Helm (helmet turned off...) Neck: Cape of the Master Mystic Armor: Blaidh Golan Hands: Gauntlets of Accuracy Ring: Ring of Protection Ring: Gathbin Family Signet Waist: Wildstrike Belt Boots: Viettro's Formal Footwear Comments: I've never played with Hiravias or a Druid before sooooooo...... Shrug? Hiravias and Sagani are my flex picks however. I would consider swapping them out with other characters. Maneha with Dragon's Maw Shield, Kana Rua with Dragon Thrashed for a 0 micro off-tank, Devil of Caroc ???, dunno. -> Sagani Weapon set 1: Stormcaller Weapon set 2: Wend-Walker Head: Helmet of Darksee Neck: Stalker's Torc Armor: Clothes Hands: Gauntlets of Swift Action Ring: Ring of Protection Ring: Ring of Thorns Waist: Sentinel's Girdle Boots: Glanfathan Stalking Boots Comments: Not much to say here, just trying to get her recovery speed down as much as possible. Cheers for any help to whoever is still out here!
  2. Nalpazca monk has to be high, but not necessarily tall. He has to be wasted to lay waste to his enemies. Must be smashed to smash someone's face in. When wrecked he wrecks everybody else. And when stoned his fists turn to stone. Ok, that's it for "drugged" slang synonym puns unless you ask for more in comments. ^^ =============================================== Flying Focused Flurry (flying on coral snuff or sth ofc) =============================================== Difficulty: PotD v5.0.0.0040 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Solo: Untested but not recomended (two glass cannon classes make suprisingly a bit less glassy one but stil not enough for solo I'd say) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Berath's blessings: +50K Gold/Start at level 4/Bonus attributes(!)/Fine equipment/Pet for Eder(cause you know he really deserves it)/Unique item vendor/Infamous Past/Mythical discovery (I picked level four cause i just jumped ship from battlemage build and did not have the patience for the fight at digsite again at low level, but it is not absolutely necessary) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Class: Transcendent (Cipher+Monk) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Subclass: Soul Blade/Nalpazca (Soul Blade can be changed to Ascendant but loosing all focus after some time seemed overly tedious to me. Nalpazca can be substitued with no subclass if you want to cut on the micromanagement or Helwalker if you want a stronger more glassy cannon) [not tested with Helwalker, but the synergies are still there] ------------------------------------------------------------------ Race: Human (The Fighting spirit can be of great help, but other than that any will do) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Background: Any will do, for RP purposes I chose deadfire and explorer (when I list attributes, they are all base, meaning that deadfire background bonus (+1DEX) is added later. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Attributes: MIG:13 CON:11 DEX:14 PER:16 INT:11 RES:10 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Proficiencies: Rapier(!) (+20 Acc modal with -50% Recovery penalty, works great with full attacks and rapier's low 3.0 sec recovery time) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills: Alchemy/None other than for RP (or History if you want to go Giftbearer's Cloak way) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities: Legend: essential-(!), sugessted-(s) otherwise situational and can be changed Monk PL1: Swift Strikes(!), Lesser Wounds(!) PL2: Clarity of Agony, Weapon and Shield Style(!), Two Weapon Style(!) PL3: Swift Flurry(!), Torment's Reach(!), Stunning Blow, Soul Mirror(s) PL4: Duality of Mortal Presence(!), Thunderous Blows(!), Rooting Pain(s) PL5: Raised Torment(!), Stunning Surge(s), Tough(s), Enervating Blows(s) PL6: Turning Wheel(!) PL7: Heartbeat Drumming(!), Skyward Kick (or Cipher's Echoing Horror, i just like kicking Engwithan Titans in the air. [although it looked like a kick in the sock drawer, reading Prattchet's "Monstrous Regiment" explains this bit.]) Cipher PL1: Whispers of Treason(s) (helps in the digsite damned fight), Iron Will PL2: Draining Whip(!), Weapon and Shield Style(!), Two Weapon Style(!) PL3: Hammering Thoughts(!) PL4: Body Attunement(s) PL:5 Borrowed Instinct (Finally!)(!), Tough(s) PL6: The Empty Soul(!) PL7: Ancestor's Memory(s) (or Echoing Horror and AM can be respec back in for Mega Boss fights if needed) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: Weapons - Rannig's Wrath(Later highly recomended to change to Seeker's Fang)/Tuotilo's Palm(Enchants: Precision Striker, Balanced Shield), before getting stunning surge Head - Death's Maw (Later can be changed to Champion's Helm or Heaven's Cacophony if you can spare the tankness) Neck - Protective Eothasian Charm (I made a tiny mod that changes it to use par encounter because it was a bit tedious for me, I'll upload the mod and add the link here when I find some extra time today) Torso - Devil od Caroc Breastplate Ring - Power of Money Feet - Rakhan Field Boots (available a bit late, before that, all resistance boots, leap boots or boots of speed are a good alternative) Cape - Shroud of the Phantasm (or Giftbearer's Cloak) Trinket - Muatu's Aid Gloves - Mortification Bindings Ring - Entonia Signet Ring Belt - The Undying Burden Pet - Abraham (Cutthroat Cosmo before getting to Neketaka, and Abraham can be changed to Dude the Six-Toes Cat for double the healing if you give Eder the Nalvi. But let's be honest, giving him Concelhaut's skull is much funnier given their convo in Bekarna's Observatory) ------------------------------------------------------------------- So there you have it, now for the more in-depth part. The monk is a primary melee class and even though cipher isn's, the Soul Anihilition ability gives us something to start with. This build revolves around two things 1.As much accuracy as we can get, and we have some nice tools for that. And 2. lowering recovery as much we can (the rapier modal might seem couterintuitive but we'll get to that). This build has some crowd control with torment's reach (and proper positioning) and very good single targer dps. It can tank surprisingly well given it's gear, and extremely well with nemnok's cloak, but then again, with it, anything can. Most of the equipment is available early on but this build is still a mid-late bloomer. Basically, when fully kitted out, we want to have rapier modal active at the start of combat, gain some focus, cast borrowed instinct, and crit enemy to death. As long as we have borrowed instinct we turn modal off, the bonus does not stack, it will give the same acc bonus but also +20 to all defences which is huge (best to cast with full wounds for +10 INT). If the chance-to-hit gets below 95% it is better to use tormen't reach to gain focus and spike the damage with soul anihilation, unfortunatelly, we lack acces to Intuitive. Remember also that hit-to-crit chance does not stack, they have a chance to proc independently (no suppresion either). Now about weapons, Rannig's Wrath gives us +10% Action Speed with +4 Acc bonus from Thrusting (that goes on top of rapier native +5 Accurate bonus). This makes it a grat way to start the surging striking. Tuotilo's Palm gets transcendant suffering scaling bonuses so it will end up with more penetration at PL7 then legendary rapier which is kind of funny if you ask me. It has lower base damage than fists so it will be a bit weaker but the "mythic" accuracy bonus (and one of it's upgrades gives it +5 accuracy with unarmed attacks, which it itself also uses, making it great for crits). Honestly it's almost a reverse shield, made for hiting, gives bonus to accuracy instead of a penalty, while still giving bonuses to def and ref. But most importantly, it allowes us to take advantage of two diffrent Fighting Styles (two weapons and weapon and shield) at the same time. To say nothing about increasing wound gain. When does it stop? Well, here, but you get it. Closer to the endgame you get acces to Seeker's Fang. It is cipher boundable and well, guess what. Does damage over time on crits that scales with current focus (that stacks) AND another raw DoT when hitting enemy with any affliction. If only we had acces to stun or sth. ^^ It's Spider's Flurry ability also works great to gain early focus (being per encounter) and immobilize enemies for raised torment positioning. Important thing is to keep your AR as high as possible because well, we're a bit glassy. This makes a fairly versatile character that can even further increase his AR (+2) while debuffing one enemy (-2AR) with body attunement and supply allies with brilliant for long fights. High penetration, high crit chance and good to great speed with a high chance at peak to chain attacks with Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming. And it's not very complicated to play with, only a bit of positionig gimmicks. That would be for it. My first build. <yay!> I'm writing this after not sleeping through the night so if I missed something or you feel something is unclear, please let me know in the comments. Allllriht, ya scalywags, get yer hands to the rigging and hoist those sails! Hard to larboard! And all that. Keep deadfire safe from green man lads! PS. I copied Ascaloth's template for describing build, I hope You/He don't/doesn't mind but it was just very clear and transparent so I couldn't resist. Also quite tired.
  3. Hello! I will soon be returning to pillars and hopefully finally finish it (or at least get past Maerwald) before December when POE2 releases for PS4. I want to do a talkative build that works well in a team (and solo? I dunno if there are many fights you HAVE to do solo) on POTD. Also, havin POE2 in mind, are there some creation choices from POE1 that highly affect conversations in part 2? Stats and build dont matter to me much, as I like pretty much all playstyles in these types of games Races I find the most interesting: Orlan, Aumaua, Godlike Classes i find the most interesting: Paladin, Cipher, Priest While I like slaves or scholars the most, I am open to other backgrounds. For geographic origins I have no preferences at all, though I guess Deadfire would have the largest impact in POE2? Any advice is much appreciated ;D
  4. Been mucking about on a friends laptop while recovering from a leg injury playing Deadfire, loving it so far as I'm a long term fan of games like BG/IWD/Divinity/Dungeon Siege etc. Planning to pick up the Obsidian Edition for myself via GOG over the weekend and start a full POTD run ( with a split 4 faction run at the obvious point to fill out the achievements unless there's some way to copy them over from my mates machine ? ). I'll also probably be using the Unity Console Mod and More AI Conditions as the only actual Game Affecting Mods beyond the Portrait Packs, and Unity only for bugfixes if needed and possibly later down the line using it for replays to tweak story companions to unusual mixes not allowed by the game engine when you recruit them ( for example I quite fancy making Xoti a Templar Tank at some point POG/Shieldbearer ). Few Queries for the Veterans and TheoryCrafters if anyone can help? Is there any real reason I can't do a full Godlike Party in POTD? And yes, I know I'm missing out on Aconas/HOTF etc. doing so. If no reason why not even on POTD can someone help me thin down the party composition especially as I have a few ideas that I'm not sure on whether they'll work or not. MC - either Trickster/HW Shadowdancer or Dev/HW Brawler, veering more to the SD due to an idea about using Rusts and most likely Marux along with chime; planned to use Death Godlike but wondering if with HW the PL bonus from Nature might be better, also plan to be a crit abuse build Tank - Either Pallegina as Herald or later dump after quest for a Fire Godlike SHB/Unbroken; again looking for advice if there's a better option or if the Nature racial is worth it for the PL 3rd Melee/Support - Either Tekehu using Ascaloth's "Tāwhirimātea, the God of Storms" build or Moon Godlike Troubador/Paladin ( with Focus as Tank will run Endurance ); again open to options or suggestion for this slot, plan to make it crit heavy Ranged Crit - Idea is either Dev/SHRP Arquebus user or a pistol using ( no scordeo as see next slot ) Trickster/Sharp; plan is using Nature for PL boost and no idea if i'd need Boar or could go cat companion and again plan is crit abuse Ranged Support - idea is Nature Troubador/Beguiler dedicated to CC and support duties ( afflictions/Res/Reload & Action Speeds ); again open to advice on possible weapons/race/equip. plan is to use Scordeo and another pistol to allow faster Focus generation and cooldowns so I'm able to spam afflictions better if the fight drags out, and also to go crit heavy I'll be using a POE log preferably that has Berath followed and agreed task done, Sangina sacrificed for the PER bonus, and scroll hidden for Wael. If anyone knows what those choices are or has a link to a thread on the POE1 gamestate setup would be appreciated. Planned Equipment MC - unless someone has a better setup then DoC, Fist/Palm and Rust/Marux, Bonesetters ( possibly Falcon torc for 2 per ), Trixie, Ogre gloves swapped eventually to Woedicia Grasp, Burden for 2nd Wind or else Mortal Protection if I'm not using it on the Tank; beyond that no idea for the rest of the slots beyond the trinket that does the Pillar ( petrify/Heal ) effect and Claim/Refusal if not using it again on tank. Had also been considering HW/BW due to soulbind T2 effect with paladin but not sure it fits with the crit/max ST DPS idea i had. Also Tempted by Magrans/Slayers as a pairing on the Shadowdancer due to the Bleed effect and the weapons own uniques Tank - low ability use, Kapana Tagu and probably Devotion or Phalanx, One Dozen Stood, seriously thinking about using Claim/Refusal and also Undying Burden, probably also Gatecrashers. basically just designed to tie up things in melee and punish anything disengaging between fighter stance and ODS 3rd Melee - as said either FishBoy in the funky Ascaloth setup, or a Moon ( unless there's a better support healer option ) Herald using the same basic gear idea with some small tweaks Ranged Crit - still getting used to what classes provide the best Hit to Crit conversions. Either Dev/Shrp or Trick/Shrp using Red Hand and Maia armour plus probably things like Bonesetters, or if there's a better twin pistol setup that doesn't need Trophy possibly that with most likely Miscreants or similar. not sure about rest of equipment and whether Death might be a better option for that one Ranged Support - Beguiler/Troubador with Scordeos Trophy and most likely something like High Tide wand. Plan is to be just throwing out heals, Res, buffs and debuffs and auto attacks for the most. Scordeos to help rip recovery right down to as low as possible to maximise ability to spam Cipher spells as needed. If 5 Godlikes won't work then just let me know, along with suggestions for what race to replace them with. Again if I've picked a massively incorrect pairing or subpar weaponry etc let me know, preferably with an explanation why. Thanks in advance, and thanks already to folk like Ascaloth/Boeroer/AndreaColombo/Voltron/Dunehunter for replies in build threads that have helped me get my head round quite a few ideas and synergies.
  5. What's actually the point of tinkering with builds when any, I mean ANY build can ABSOLUTELY trash the game with just maxed out arcana or maxed out alchemy. It's just plain silly. Obsidian needs to really sort this out. What do you guys think?
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