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Found 2 results

  1. Been mucking about on a friends laptop while recovering from a leg injury playing Deadfire, loving it so far as I'm a long term fan of games like BG/IWD/Divinity/Dungeon Siege etc. Planning to pick up the Obsidian Edition for myself via GOG over the weekend and start a full POTD run ( with a split 4 faction run at the obvious point to fill out the achievements unless there's some way to copy them over from my mates machine ? ). I'll also probably be using the Unity Console Mod and More AI Conditions as the only actual Game Affecting Mods beyond the Portrait Packs, and Unity only for bugfixes if needed and possibly later down the line using it for replays to tweak story companions to unusual mixes not allowed by the game engine when you recruit them ( for example I quite fancy making Xoti a Templar Tank at some point POG/Shieldbearer ). Few Queries for the Veterans and TheoryCrafters if anyone can help? Is there any real reason I can't do a full Godlike Party in POTD? And yes, I know I'm missing out on Aconas/HOTF etc. doing so. If no reason why not even on POTD can someone help me thin down the party composition especially as I have a few ideas that I'm not sure on whether they'll work or not. MC - either Trickster/HW Shadowdancer or Dev/HW Brawler, veering more to the SD due to an idea about using Rusts and most likely Marux along with chime; planned to use Death Godlike but wondering if with HW the PL bonus from Nature might be better, also plan to be a crit abuse build Tank - Either Pallegina as Herald or later dump after quest for a Fire Godlike SHB/Unbroken; again looking for advice if there's a better option or if the Nature racial is worth it for the PL 3rd Melee/Support - Either Tekehu using Ascaloth's "Tāwhirimātea, the God of Storms" build or Moon Godlike Troubador/Paladin ( with Focus as Tank will run Endurance ); again open to options or suggestion for this slot, plan to make it crit heavy Ranged Crit - Idea is either Dev/SHRP Arquebus user or a pistol using ( no scordeo as see next slot ) Trickster/Sharp; plan is using Nature for PL boost and no idea if i'd need Boar or could go cat companion and again plan is crit abuse Ranged Support - idea is Nature Troubador/Beguiler dedicated to CC and support duties ( afflictions/Res/Reload & Action Speeds ); again open to advice on possible weapons/race/equip. plan is to use Scordeo and another pistol to allow faster Focus generation and cooldowns so I'm able to spam afflictions better if the fight drags out, and also to go crit heavy I'll be using a POE log preferably that has Berath followed and agreed task done, Sangina sacrificed for the PER bonus, and scroll hidden for Wael. If anyone knows what those choices are or has a link to a thread on the POE1 gamestate setup would be appreciated. Planned Equipment MC - unless someone has a better setup then DoC, Fist/Palm and Rust/Marux, Bonesetters ( possibly Falcon torc for 2 per ), Trixie, Ogre gloves swapped eventually to Woedicia Grasp, Burden for 2nd Wind or else Mortal Protection if I'm not using it on the Tank; beyond that no idea for the rest of the slots beyond the trinket that does the Pillar ( petrify/Heal ) effect and Claim/Refusal if not using it again on tank. Had also been considering HW/BW due to soulbind T2 effect with paladin but not sure it fits with the crit/max ST DPS idea i had. Also Tempted by Magrans/Slayers as a pairing on the Shadowdancer due to the Bleed effect and the weapons own uniques Tank - low ability use, Kapana Tagu and probably Devotion or Phalanx, One Dozen Stood, seriously thinking about using Claim/Refusal and also Undying Burden, probably also Gatecrashers. basically just designed to tie up things in melee and punish anything disengaging between fighter stance and ODS 3rd Melee - as said either FishBoy in the funky Ascaloth setup, or a Moon ( unless there's a better support healer option ) Herald using the same basic gear idea with some small tweaks Ranged Crit - still getting used to what classes provide the best Hit to Crit conversions. Either Dev/Shrp or Trick/Shrp using Red Hand and Maia armour plus probably things like Bonesetters, or if there's a better twin pistol setup that doesn't need Trophy possibly that with most likely Miscreants or similar. not sure about rest of equipment and whether Death might be a better option for that one Ranged Support - Beguiler/Troubador with Scordeos Trophy and most likely something like High Tide wand. Plan is to be just throwing out heals, Res, buffs and debuffs and auto attacks for the most. Scordeos to help rip recovery right down to as low as possible to maximise ability to spam Cipher spells as needed. If 5 Godlikes won't work then just let me know, along with suggestions for what race to replace them with. Again if I've picked a massively incorrect pairing or subpar weaponry etc let me know, preferably with an explanation why. Thanks in advance, and thanks already to folk like Ascaloth/Boeroer/AndreaColombo/Voltron/Dunehunter for replies in build threads that have helped me get my head round quite a few ideas and synergies.
  2. Greeting People, I'm new in PoE, just finshed the game in the Hard Difficult in my first playthrough and now i'm preparing myself for a new game to be played in PotD Difficult. Overrall, i find the game somehow easy in Hard Difficult with 2 (two) exceptions: Adra Dragon Fight at level 10 with 4 characters (Extremly hard from my perspective. Until lvl 12 i keep my party with the max of 4 characters all the time). Albine Dragon Fight at level 13 with 5 characters (a little difficult). Based on that i'm making preparations before i embark in PotD difficult and the party i have in mind is the following below (and i will be extremly grateful to any insight on those builds): 2° Game PoE: PotD Evil playthrough (primary behavior: Agressive, Cruel / secondary Behavior: Clever, Stoic / acceptable exceptions: Honest, deceptive) Main Char: - Name: Nemesis - Race: Human - Background: Aedyr Bleak walker paladin - Tank Str 12 Con 9 Dex 9 Int 16 Per 12 Res 18+ Ability / Talent per level (Reorganized by KDubya Suggestions). 1 - Flames of Devotion 2 - WF: Ruffian 3 - Zealous Focus 4 - intense flames 5 - lay on hands 6 - Remember Rakhan Palace 7 - Liberating Exhortation 8 - Great Lay on Hands 9 - Aegis of Loyalty 10 - Weapon and Shield Style 11 - Healing Chain 12 - Hold the Line 13 - Reviving Exhortation 14 - Critical Focus 15 - Sacred Immolation 16 - Deep Faith Equips: Weapon - Steadfast (SB 1HS) + Sabres (bittercut; Resolution) Armor - Saint's War Armor (stolen from Éder, Early) / Argwes Adra (later) Shield - outworn buckler, Ilfan Byrngar's Solace and Litte Savior (in order of game progression). + res, per, Str and dex for combat related issues. Keep + int at hand for metagaming. COMPANIONS - Devil of Caroc: Archer rogue Weapon - Estoc (White Spire and The Grey Sleeper) and War bow (Borresaine and Sabra Marie). Armor - Self Items: Atk speed, crit., Int, Dex, Per. Ability / Talent per level 1 - Crippling Strike 2 - WF: Adventurer 3 - Escape 4 - Marksman 5 - Dirty Fight 6 - Penetrating Shot 7 - Adepted Evasion 8 - Shadowing Beyond 9 - Fearsome Strike 10 - Shot on the run 11 - Deathblows 12 - Graceful Retreat 13 - Coordinated Positioning 14 - fast runner 15 - Shadow step 16 - Interrupting Blows - Durance Main Buffer / off Healer EQUIPMENTS (option 1 - off tanker build) Armor - Hand and Key (early) / The colored Coat (later) Weapon - Whispers of Yenwood (early and later) / Sheathed in Autumn (Later / situational) Shield - Any non used by the paladin, or with luck, a duplicated shield made with "The Helwax Mold". Ability / Talent per level (option 1 - off tanker build - Reorganized by K Galen B suggestion) 1 - 2 - Arms Bearer 3 - 4 - Interdiction 5 - 6 - Inspiring Radiance 7 - 8 - Painful Interdiction 9 - 10 - Inspired Flame 11 - 12 - WF: Knight 13 - 14 - Weapon Style Sword and Shield 16 - Ability / Talent per level (option 2 - Ranged Arquebus + Nightshroud in later game - Reorganized by K Galen B suggestion) 1 - 2 - Interdiction 3 - 4 - Inspired Radiance 5 - 6 - Empowered Interdiction 7 - 8 - Painful Interdiction 9 - 10 - Inspired Flame 11 - 12 - WF: Soldier 13 - 14 - Sword and Shield Style 16 - - Zahua Main DPS (the entire build is based on my previous main char monk, some from that build and some from regret of not using in that build). Equipments: Weapon: None (i just finished my first game on hard with a main char monk, played with bare hands the entire game except against immunes, when i simply put something in my hand. PoE as i see don't require the monk to be bare handed, so any insight will be helpful). Armor: Angio's Gambeson or Jack of Wide Waters (early, or anything by the way) / Ryona's Breastplate (later) Accessories: Mantle of excavator (or lower per bonus early), Ring of Thorns, boots of speed, Siegebreaker Gauntlets and other stat, skill raise items. Ability / Talent per level Long Stride 1 - Torment's Reach 2 - WF: Peasant 3 - Force of Anguish 4 - Two Weapon Style 5 - Stunning Blow 6 - Savage Atack 7 - Rooting Pain 8 - Outlander's Frenzy 9 - Enervating Blows 10 - wound binding 11 - Flagellant's Path 12 - fast runner 13 - The Dichotomous Soul 14 - lesser wounds 15 - Skyward Kick 16 - interrupting blows - Custom Mage (I have really high doubts when the subject comes to wizard class) - Name: Havoc - Race: Death Godlike - Background: Old vailia Stats: Str 18 (Recalculated by K Galen B suggestion) Con 3? (Despite K Galen B suggestion, i believe 18 Str will keep the odds even for fortitude save, so i lowered con to the minimum) Dex 15+ (fast recovery time = fast spells, i believe) Per 16+? (By K Galen B suggestion, Perception is one of the few things that affect spell accuracy) Int 19+ Res 6+ (As this mage is intended to be a cohot, not main char, neither is a solo game, and partially based on K Galen B suggestion, i reduced this status) EQUIPMENTS Weapon: The lady's Hand (Scepter - i'm under the impression that an weapon accuracy is used when determining if a spell hit or not, if i'm wrong, please someone correct me) Armor: Gwisk Glas (if another suggestion is given, i will appreciate) Items: Ring of Selonan, Telda's Ring, +10% spell damage, +10% area effect, +int. Ability / Talent per level (Changed and Reorganized by K Galen B suggestion) 1 - blast 2 - 3 - Penetrating Blast 4 - 5 - Arcane Veil 6 - 7 - weapon focus: Noble 8 - 9 - Dangeours Implements 10 - 11 - Secrets of Rime 12 - 13 - hardened Veil 14 - 16 - Spirit of Decay SPELLS: I really have no idea. Gonna do an Bleak Walker (evil) run here, if that helps what are the spells per level better to chose that i will not find early in grimories? - Custom Barbarian (don't know if it's the best, but here we go) - Name: Khan - Race: Moon godlike - Background: Slave Equipments: Weapon - Tall Grass Armor - something heavy to compensate 5 Res Focus - At least 1 second chance item, perception and dexterity. -Stats: Str - 10 Con - 6 Dex - 20 Per - 18 Int - 19 Res - 5 Ability / Talent per level 1 - Frenzy 2 - Greater Frenzy 3 - Savage Defiance 4 - Acurrate Carnage 5 - Brute Force 6 - Stalwart Defiance 7 - Threatening Presence 8 - Barbaric Blow 9 - One Stand Alone 10 - WF: 11 - Heart of Fury 12 - Savage Attacks 13 - Eye of Storm 14 - Bloody Slaughter 16 - Barbarian Retalitation Thx for the time and the help people!
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