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  1. There was a long list of promises they made about this game post-launch. The majority of them did not come to pass.
  2. Yeah, after the mobile release, they said it would be a single purchase required if you bought the character packs and stuff. They lied.
  3. Ug, just realized that any updates for this game are going to be held back by Apple's authorization system So many bugs and needed fixes holding this back from being a truly great game.
  4. I don't see the issue. They both have huge strengths outside of weapon use. And it's not like you can't get each of them weapon proficiency. Neither character has the Arcane skill, how is this any different? edit - Well, except for the obvious part that you can't get them the Arcane skills, ever.
  5. Dragging and dropping cards/character icons is not only a chore, but it's also the source of some issues for players currently. Either phase it out completely or allow for touch inputs in succession to accomplish the same goals. Nothing is gained by dragging your finger across the screen countless times, it is only added tedium - especially when discarding multiple cards in a row. There's no novelty or flare factor gained from the obvious reminder of the magic of touch screens, it just feels clunky and disruptive to what is otherwise a smooth experience. It's about the only complaint I have ab
  6. Glad to hear this is something they'll be adding. It's a pretty key action, especially concerning certain modifiers that force you to bury cards/react to gaining boons.
  7. Universal, your purchases are tied to your PlayFab account. So, how is this going to work now? On Android, there is no PlayFab account and everything is through Google Play. And it's not even syncing parties across android devices.
  8. This would remove the blessing. Going back and trying to reapply the blessing changes the skill choice.
  9. Ok, so you can buy everything you can acquire playing online, offline in IAP? You do not gain the gold required for IAP while playing offline. And right now, buying the bundle for offline play might not work since most people who buy it do not have access to any of it.
  10. There is absolutely no account creation on the android side. So I'm not really sure how they're planning to do game sync, because right now outside of the google play account, the game doesn't even sync between android devices and requires fresh games/character for each one.
  11. I had a similar issue using a blessing from another character. Instead of doubling a d12 roll, it forced me to triple a d4 because of the top of the blessing discard. Super obnoxious.
  12. There is no game account. It's tied to Google Play or Gamecenter integration. There is no manner to log in without going through these.
  13. How do you sign out of Google Play? Everything is synced to it and there's no log out option in any of the menus.
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