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  1. Sidebar. I'm on the very last adventure of the very last scenario, and that infinite loop makes it just unplayable Great way to leave a bad taste in ones mouth.
  2. . I've come across this with multiple banes. Anything that seems to trigger a check for all present seems to just keep looping around and around. It would have seemed a fairly simple fix to make and AND if statement checking to see if they have already made the roll.
  3. Have you tried to manually press "next turn" button? Because it seems, like game sees some kind of possible action. Like "After closing" action (which may not display automatically) Unfortunately there is no next turn button. It is hung in resolving the villain defeat
  4. I am having the following issue Defeating Malagus Kreeg sends him to the only open location, the Dam. The game then locks on the green star phase and will not progress to the rest of the character's turn. I have reloaded this game numerous times and it always stops right there.
  5. Ok weird. But I do not get gold at heroic quests, but I do if legendary
  6. Since the update I have not received gold for quests at all. ( and I play about 3 a day I would imagine) but for your info, I did a legendary last night and the gold did add! Whereas I usually do hard mode. I will do another legendary later to see if that occurs again, as I noticed many are saying they aren't getting the gold at that level either
  7. Oh yes. Collapsed Ceiling applies itself to every explore not only the first
  8. My latest bugs as of today (New ones to me since the update!) Quests are not updating my gold amount, There is no wisdom check before Goblin Warchanter shuts down my weapons and spells, Some henchmen powers are not activating, or are out of phase. Some weapons are subtracting -4 for proficiency when they don't require it. I had more, I will update as I recall them :/
  9. According to the card game rules, I believe they do.Not unless it's been changed recently. I will go look. ( Seems I was misinformed, you must take them immediately). It would be nice to be able to see what cards the party gained before taking card feats though Further. I tried the scenario with Lem alone with the same result. No skill feat unfortunately
  10. Yes this happened to me too I noticed when I redid the scenario. At the scenario completion screen Lem ( the former deadite) was highlighted as having a feat to take, but the game didn't stop to allow me to select it Further at the deck building stage there was no hint that he had an unspent feat Since characters actually do not have to take their feats immediately I would recomend Obsidian get rid of that screen and allow fear to be taken later by selecting the character during deck building (maybe with a nice shiny halo around their avatar as a reminder)
  11. You will find you have duplicate characters. I have the same issue.
  12. The character Icon starting at center is associated with having Duplicate characters I am having the same issue
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