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  1. Since the patch on iOS I can't acces half of the shop any more. Only the buttons for bundles, adventures, and gold stillwork. The buttons for characters, enhancements, dice, and treasure don't do anything any more.
  2. The "coming June" for Fortress of the Stone Giants appears increasingly unlikely to be true.
  3. I don't think Pathfinder Adventures targets the same audience as the hundred thousand typical Free2Play games in the App store / Google Play. The game is more complicated than typical Free2Play games, and the $25 bundle somewhat caps the amount of money you can spend on the game, so you don't get the typical "whales" spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and financing the game for the freeloaders. I believe the target audience is rather people who know the physical version. For those, $25 is very cheap compared to the $150+ cost of the equivalent box + packs. And you need less space to set
  4. Pretty much every heroic fantasy game to some extent is about gathering shiny loot. So I am very happy now that the threshold for finding level 1 cards in quest mode apparently has been lowered from level 20 to level 10. Finding only B/C cards for 20 levels was really too long, this is a huge improvement and makes quest mode much more fun. Thank you!
  5. Review at Pocket Tactics, 5 stars out of 5: http://www.pockettactics.com/reviews/review-pathfinder-adventures/
  6. I'm pretty certain that it always will be option 1. I fully expect at some point to be offered to pay $25 for Skulls & Shackles, and another $25 for Wrath of the Righteous. I could also imagine the class decks to be added to the game, or other ways to add more than the existing 11 characters. Why would you pay for that? That is a trick question, because it depends very much on who is "you". If you have little money and lots of time, earning everything with gold sure might be the better option. Other people have more money and less time, so not grinding gold to buy characters and advent
  7. No, it has a box for every PARTY. Or said even simpler, it has exactly as many save games as you have different parties started. The party you select after hitting the story mode button determines the box of cards you have. What characters you then remove or add from that party doesn't matter at all.
  8. It's not the same. And it is scary that lot of people seem to think that on this board. You don't get any item better than common, if you "buy" the game. How is this fair? The treasure chests full of cards with different rarities are a marketing trick for the mobile games generation. If you actually look at the cards, you'll find that those shiny rares aren't any better than the "common" cards from the paper version. Frequently treasure chest cards are actually worse than regular cards. The best cards are the loot cards you get for adventure completion, not from chests. $25 buys y
  9. My legendary cards after 60+ treasure chests: Brooch of Shielding, Flask of Magic, Slaying Axe (Deck 6) I'd say your suspicion that few legendaries are in the game might well be correct.
  10. I respectfully disagree for the single-player part. Cards aren't tracked "by character" but by party. There is no such thing as "merging parties"; instead you have the choice of either continuing to play with the same "party" and switch out characters, or to use the Story button on the main screen to start a completely new party from scratch with no memory of the cards the previous party had. So at least for single-player, the culling system as written in the rules is totally possible.
  11. Some minor corrections: There are 24 allies if and only if you play with a group of 6 characters. Less characters means less locations means less allies on the map, e.g. just 18 for 4 players. Also if you read the fine print in the win condition, it is sufficient to get half of the allies to win, not half+1. So 12 allies out of 24 is a win.
  12. Your error in logic is that by me *not* publishing the information this rollback somehow needs not to happen. You are wrong. The dishonorable option is to keep an exploit secret in order to use it (and as you say that you already beat HCTF at legendary I am starting to wonder about your insistence that secrecy is better). Exploits never go unfound, and making a splash on the forums is the fastest way to get them fixed and limit the damage from the necessary rollback.
  13. A) As I don't know who is around this weekend, I don't know who to PM. B) Trusting that "if I don't publish the exploit, nobody will know about it" is a spectacularly bad idea, as lots of people are looking for those, and the information then just travels through back channels instead under the eyes of the devs. I've experienced both, and publication is the less bad option in my experience.
  14. I didn't see it in the patch notes, but apparently once change in patch 1.0.3 is that there are now far more different cards in the treasure chests! I like it!
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