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  1. Just so the devs know I have all three of these issues in case anyone was wondering if they were related or not. Also to note, when I am trying to continue my adventure with my 4 man group and I am at the chose scenario screen where I can change the difficulty, I see that the difficulties I unlocked with another 2 man group is partially overlapping with the current 4 man groups accomplishments (4 man only completed first scenario on normal difficulty, but my 2 man completed legendary or the first two scenarios). So how this shows up for me on my 4 man group is as if 1st scenario has all th
  2. Similar problem starting poison pill. Duplicate icons for characters when assigning them to locations. Prevents me from continuing when all are assigned (including duplicate icons)
  3. I just read that the items from chests we buy with gold only make it so we can encounter them while adventuring. If that is true then it answers my question of why cant I modify my decks between adventures with all the cards available to me (I used to think the chest items were available to select from between adventures). Thanks for any insight V
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