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  1. tsorry i sorry for slow response was playing star wars rebellion yesterday. yes i used Meris crossbow both checks...i think it was the heavy crossbow I had just acquired, but it might have been the light crossbow. the system was showing that kyra couldnt help at all... kyra didnt have any blessings in hand at the time and kyras other spells in deck are augury, holy light, and cure so she couldnt have played any of them on meris turn even if she had them. but i think she had weapons armor and a token of remembrance in hand. after meri won the first check, kyras circle showed that she
  2. Something that is odd to me... If I encounter a card and there's a reason for the check to be higher due to the scenario or due to text like (succeed at a Wisdom check X or all your checks this turn are 1 harder) then the new higher difficulty number shows in the center of the screen where I can choos how I am making the check. This seems consistent for everything EXCEPT the veteran cards that have their difficulty increased by 1. During AP1 I think its actually changing the number on the card art? Either that or its not applying the extra 1.
  3. Can you snag a screenshot of this for me? Only if there's a way to review a game I don't know about? I wasn't sure whos fault it was so I didn't bother to try to figure out how to log it. And... I'm not even sure how to do a screenshot on a tablet anyway? (Ipad Air2) It was on normal mode since it was my first runthrough of AP1.
  4. Yeah, it was defiitely something wrong in the game. I was fighting Nualia with Merisiel and her crossbow, and Kyra doesn't even have any other help spells. I asked the question before the combat, but went through with it anyway. After I passed the first check, Agility became available for the second check.
  5. Playing the two starters - Kyra and Merisiel. Merisiel is fighting a monster on her turn. Kyra wants to play Agility but it is not showing as playable out of turn. When I've played the tabletop version, we've always understood Strength and Agility to be playable out of turn so you can buff other characters. Who is wrong?
  6. Not only that, but the "look at the World Map" button is only available during the main part of your turn. If you have a "start of turn" option available (like the location that let's you recharge a card to draw a card) the map button goes away and you can't still look at the other locations until you decide whether or not you are rechatging a card. There's no good reason for that limitation.
  7. I "upgraded" my characters to Longbow for Meri and TWO magical bludgeoning weapons for Kyra. Then I realized I'm failing all of Merisiel's combat rolls because she's not actually proficient with weapons. So I switch her out for a shortbow and then next adventure I realize I'm failing all of Kyra's combat rolls because she's not actually proficient with weapons either!!! So I've already had to dumb her deck back down to the basic mace. Aggh. I own and played through RotR (as Harsk with Ezren) and I'm now playing through S&S (as Jirelle and Feiya with Oloch and Lini) so althoug
  8. The reason why you can not chose auto fail is quite obvious. You encounter the ultimate +Holy cow weapon and accidentantly press that auto fail button... Uuuppss. In physical game that can not happen, in this digital version it could and would happen wery easily. That's not the reason at all. Between undo and a possible "are you sure" button. There are plenty of reasons around someone clicking a button to ignore an item and it being ignored. How would that mistake be any different than flipping a new card when you have 0 health and meant to just pass your turn?
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