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  1. I did talk to him. Nothing changed. Do you happen to know which ingredients exactly?
  2. So I got to this area, deciphered the notes for the Cauldron, but I guess I can't actually make any potions with it? From what I can gather based on the notes, I should have the ingredients. Has anyone else run into this or know what I might be missing?
  3. Yeah, that works for items, but when I'm just using fists, I don't see anything. Do you happen to know the base attack and recovery time for unarmed?
  4. Just pulled up the beta again after not touching it for a while and have to say a lot of the changes are great! But I do have a pair of questions. 1) how can I determine what my delay time is when using my fists? I can see damage, accuracy and penetration on the character screen, but haven't found anything about delay time. 2) does the talent that reduces weapon delay when dual-wielding work with unarmed? Mostly just curious. Thanks for any help!
  5. Hey SChin, I can confirm what the topic creator has said about racial bonuses not appearing on character creation. And we're not talking about the +'s to attributes, but rather the specific racial bonus, like how Mountain Dwarves get a bonus to resisting Constitution-based stuff.
  6. This passive states you get bonus accuracy for weapons you are proficient with, but this bonus accuracy is not reflected in the tooltips at all.
  7. Did you try logging into your Google Play Games account before starting Pathfinder Adventures? That's what I had to do to get it to start logging in.
  8. Thanks! Just for some more information, it seems like this happens a lot when it wants to communicate to the Playfab/whatever server. Like right after killing a monster, it happened and I got zero gold. Then a few seconds later it reconnected.
  9. I keep getting these messages saying that my network is disconnected followed by reconnected. Always seems to happen just when I'm about to get some gold for killing a monster. :D
  10. I am more curious about the 2 other soulbound weapons that were not shown in that one video. :D
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