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  1. I've been away from the game for a while, so I may have missed something. I wanted to link my Android phone to my Android tablet. Neither device has a link button active. The iOS and desktop buttons are active on both devices. What I want is my tablet to be my main device and my phone to sync with it. I don't see a way to do that. Any ideas?
  2. I was just playing Quest mode on legendary and the game crashed on me. I have a Galaxy Tab S tablet with Android 6.0.1, PFID# 72d922dbfb588b8f. My Barbarian had just used her Charmed Red Dragon ally and won a fight. The game rolled a 1 and then rolled for fire damage. I buried an armor and that should have been the end of it. Instead, the monster that i had defeated stayed on the screen and the message that I needed to make a Charisma check to get an ally. I rolled it and won, and suddenly I had the Charmed Red Dragon in my hand again. It should have been banished. The game then switched to the next character's turn and Ezren had a charisma check to obtain a Charmed Red Dragon without having explored yet. I rolled it and won. The ally moved to my hand but the location deck didn't highlight for me to explore. I strated tapping cards and controls when i noticed there was no "next" button to proceed through the turn and none of the turn steps in the upper right corner were lit. At this point nothing was responding and i had to toss the window to shut down the game.
  3. No, I don't think it is. The new filagree seems to differentiate Reward Treasure cards and Promo cards from the Treasure Cards you find in packs. Nice! Yeah, I saw an updated filigree on the Poog promo card last night. I love the change in borders as cards become more rare. It's confusing, though, and even moreso when it changes. Would love to just see the rarity written somewhere on the card as well as the border changes. May just be me though.
  4. I just enjoyed playing the game. I spent $2 on daily gold (for the Nth time now ) and leveled up some new characters in Story mode while Quest mode was broken. I earned enough playing Legendary through the first few adventures to buy two alts and a few dozen chests.
  5. I had the Quest mode blocking issue and this updated fixed it. Just wanted to say thanks for giving me back Quest mode!
  6. Aside from fixing mistakes it also would add replay value to a given character instance rather than having to create multiple copies of the same character. In other games I've seen this be something that has to be bought - 500gp maybe? That way it's not too disruptive to game balance and people (like me) don't end up with three or four copies of the same character. I have been avoiding going through and cleaning them out because it's a lot of hassle to check cards, powers, skills and progress for each one to decide which should go. If we could re-spec once in a while then people would have an easier time. I'd throw this down low in the priority queue, though. We need the coming hotfix for what we have and some more supporting content before we start adding new features, IMHO.
  7. I think changing the pricing now is not unprecedented - it's actually normal business. For movies you go to a theater, then by online, then buy the Blu-ray, then rent online. Things get cheaper according to a distribution schedule. This is a similar case. Early adopters pay a premium, late adopters get a discounted price after others already have the item.
  8. My Lini (can't remember if it's Story or Qust mode) has a Tanglefoot card for some reason. I haven't tossed it yet because I was still trying to figure out if there was a reason. I guess it is just a bug afterall.
  9. I'll throw in my two cents as well, for the record. I love the game, bought everything so far until the first promo bundle. It didn't give much value given that I had already bought everything up to that point - would have basically been paying $10 for 2 promo cards. The second bundle I bought just to support the game, really, and I was mad I missed the other promo cards. I was excited for the character alts but won't be buying any of them because it's too much like the first promo pack - I'm being asked to pay twice for the the same content. If there was a discounted version for those who already had purchased all of the original characters, I'd by the alts in a heartbeat. Without that I might get one or two - but not sure about that so I'm just saving up gold right now. The pricing makes sense for new players who have not bought any characters. Not so much for those of us who have been supporting the game for a long time now. That seems like bad marketing.
  10. There is currently a bug in Quest mode, actually. For some characters with maxed out card feats the game is trying to give another and is blocked because it can't. There is a thread on this already: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90745-card-feat-unlock-issue/ Other than that literal issue with Quest mode, there is nothing 'wrong' with it that I know of. I love playing Quest mode. I hope it gets fixed because I miss taking a break from Story mode, which I find harder, and I miss being able to mix and match a party together based on whoever I feel like playing at the time.
  11. Deleting the slot99 folder doesn't work. I did that and it reset quest mode. After i played again I was back in the same place.
  12. +1 for this. I have bought most everything except for the last bundle because it was a similar situation. I shouldn't have to pay twice for the same character just to get the alt version.
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