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Kyra is carrying a Harpy Monk



Anyone else found a Harpy Monk in their character Deck cards?  


Currently playing Crow Bait on Legendary difficulty, with the following situation


My team for both is Valeros, Kyra, Seelah, Seoni, Sajan, and Lem (and in that order)


My phone is a G4, Android version 6


The wildcards are Painful Memories and Retaliation


I don't think this is scenario unqiue, because it's happened a few other games, after I encoutered a harpy monk on the scenario where they are henchmen...

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My Lini (can't remember if it's Story or Qust mode) has a Tanglefoot card for some reason.  I haven't tossed it yet because I was still trying to figure out if there was a reason.  I guess it is just a bug afterall.

It is/was a quest mode bug.  

You were meant to be awarded an "Animal Ally" but the game gave you and "Animal non-Ally" for some reason.  That narrowed the possible card rewards to banes like Goblin Dog or a few Henchmen with the animal trait.

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Thanks for the additional information about this bug.


​Petrhaps we are just getting ready for Balazar? ;) (KIDDING WE ARE NOT!)

"We are not" because Balazar is already ready? Great! Looking forward to seeing him in the next patch :)


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