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  1. Yes, my favorite game altough remains Arcanum. The thing is that I was expecting "more of the same", baldur's gate, arcanum, iwd, Ps:T, fallout all had their flaws but in the end were pretty solid games with character that stood out from everything else. What I got instead is exactly what we've been getting from the rest of the videogames industry: Better graphics with less quality. If you think stating my opinion is a "delusional complaint" and a waste of time, why did you take so much care to post a reply? You're welcome, I too was expecting to enjoy the game. I wouldn't
  2. I just don't like it, the characters I encountered so far are boring and the story is so bland and prevedible. I can't even bring myself to play another sidequest. The gameplay is just awful, I agree on the fact that in this kind of games the combat is not the focus point, but I feel like I'm playing Planescape Torment without the option of avoiding combat, it's just a nightmare and considering how interested I find myself in the story I don't even feel like bearing with it to see how it develops. Knowing they developed this system just for this game boggles my mind, how the hell did even rem
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