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  1. Yes, my favorite game altough remains Arcanum. The thing is that I was expecting "more of the same", baldur's gate, arcanum, iwd, Ps:T, fallout all had their flaws but in the end were pretty solid games with character that stood out from everything else. What I got instead is exactly what we've been getting from the rest of the videogames industry: Better graphics with less quality. If you think stating my opinion is a "delusional complaint" and a waste of time, why did you take so much care to post a reply? You're welcome, I too was expecting to enjoy the game. I wouldn't have put much money into it if I didn't believe in it. I'm young, I'll manage.
  2. I just don't like it, the characters I encountered so far are boring and the story is so bland and prevedible. I can't even bring myself to play another sidequest. The gameplay is just awful, I agree on the fact that in this kind of games the combat is not the focus point, but I feel like I'm playing Planescape Torment without the option of avoiding combat, it's just a nightmare and considering how interested I find myself in the story I don't even feel like bearing with it to see how it develops. Knowing they developed this system just for this game boggles my mind, how the hell did even remotely think this mess was good I'll never understand. I still have the hero edition for steam, if anybody is interested in it hit me up with a PM. I'll probably put the retail collectors edition on ebay as soon as I get it, let me know if you're interested.
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