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  1. I'm recording with OBS Studio, its open source and free. The NVIDIA overlay recorder tends to take alot more bandwidth and processing power for streaming and recording in comparison. https://obsproject.com/ <-- the link to the recording/streaming software. I'll be streaming my run at some point to at https://www.twitch.tv/diethighlander Appreciate your answer @thelee
  2. I'm excited about the new patch and want to do the ultimate challenge. What do I need to do ensure that my attempt is verified? Is the savefile enough or do I need to record the many hours of play? If recording all the gameplay is necessary, is there a recommended software to use? I can't wait to attempt this. I want one of those 50 boss patches!
  3. I've already played POE through twice (completionist every sidequest style) as good and bad and now going through as greedy
  4. I purchased the early access edition 4 days ago on the backer portal. I received an emailed receipt form support at obsidian but no other information. The pledge does not show on my managed products, butt does for previous orders. I have attempted to contact obsidian through both their email and facebook. Does anyone know what the usual turn around time is for processing pledges from the backer portal?
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