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  1. Messier-31 didn't actually make a point with that picture. What is Ninjamestari suppose to critique in that picture? The text is not the right color? He already explained what he thought was wrong with the stats in previous posts if you actually bother to read them. When Ninjamestari stated for Messier-31 to actually clarify what he actually wants to talk about (rather than trying to reset the conversation from beginning because you can't argue his points) he answered in a condescending/insulting way with no actual point or clarification.
  2. I think mana gets a lot of hate because people mostly imagine the mechanic to revolve around draining and refilling, like in MMOs. If refilling was very scarce (like only with rest) then i don't see why it couldn't function very similar to vancian system. Although i don't think it would solve the duplicate spells issue. You might want to prefer more such spells because lower tier of buffs could cost less mana and be more appropriate for smaller fights. The other issue i see with mana spell casting is that you can fall in to a trap where a certain rotation of spells becomes a standard for mos
  3. I think he specificaly said that didn't apply to PotD and was even fine with min/maxing to be viable for that mode.
  4. I think wizard felt too powerful because of the rest system in BG, where you could get them back to max power with resting non stop. I think it's fine if you have some classes that are meant to be able to go from battle to battle without their power dropping, like fighters/rogues/rangers and then have some that are better for single encounters. It brings variety to classes at least, as opposed to everyone just spamming their per encounter ability, every chance they get. I imagine wizards now having per encounter spells is going to be as much of a headache as having several ciphers in your par
  5. I would prefer you guys stop it so the thread doesn't get closed down. I think it would be better done in a separate thread.
  6. I also didn't finish the game due to the somewhat poor pacing of the game. Here are some of the reasons why the game eventually faded out on me. -The quest logs were a bit too tedious for me to figure out where i needed to go. -The no kill xp and no random encounters made me wander from map to map, with long loading times, with feeling of not actually doing anything, so I got the feeling of no progression happening for a long time. I've recently restarted the game, and i'm able to keep up the pace much better now due to White march content. Whenever I feel lost, i can go back to those m
  7. From what I've heard the spells will now be per encounter instead of per rest? Did i get that right? I fear that because the frequency of spell use will increase they will be simplified, like in Tyranny where they were mostly just another nuke/heal button. I hope POE2 moves away from that and more towards utility spells like summoning, crowd control, teleporting, movement manipulation, etc. instead of just more stat manipulation that you can't actually notice unless you read the person's stat list. That's really my only concern.
  8. I guess I assumed as much, but I hoped to contribute some money to the higher backer goals. I don't know how long those will remain open and I'm worried that maybe that will close before you can upgrade your pledge on the Obsidian website. As far as I know the goals will remain only as long as slacker backer remains open.
  9. I am a Fig backer and would like to know if there is a way to upgrade your Fig pledge. I've tried looking on the Fig website multiple times but can't find any option to do it. I know there is a slacker backer option available, but from my understanding that is only possible if you haven't pledged yet. I'm mainly looking for options to pay for extra addons of my pledge, like beta test , DLCs, obsidian shirt, cookbook, etc. Is this still possible?
  10. It has nothing with being invested or being a critic. I also own the game and stopped playing mid way. It's just too boring. Wave after wave of mmo enemies that yield no reward and now that i see the IE mod is discontinued i'm not coming here anymore either, since removing the movement limitations at least made the game bearable.
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