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  1. It's definitely quadratic wizards in Pillars. I'm not sure if the dev team tried to avoid it or not, but if they did they failed pretty badly. If Cipher is what gets you excited from an RP standpoint, just stick with it for a few tedious levels and it'll even out. If you're on the front lines, Veteran's Recovery is a seriously useful talent to take. You can always respec out of it later if you no longer need it. Potions of Iron Skin, Mirrored Image, and Displaced Image are great for boosting durability and the first two are pretty cheap to make. Wizard's Double is kind of useless if
  2. Fighter would be your best bet, of the three options. A Fighter with the Rapid Recovery talent is very tanky even without using a shield, and their Armored Grace talent substantially reduces the recovery penalty for wearing armor - you can treat heavy armor like medium armor, medium armor like light armor, and light armor as if you weren't wearing armor at all. Skills like Disciplined Barrage and talents like Confident Aim make them very consistent damage dealers, even if they won't get the crazy crits that a class like Rogues can get or the AOE potential of a Barbarian. Ciphers get
  3. I've looked around and sadly I can't seem to find any general "solo strategies" guides. Some lengthy videos without annotations and I could probably skim any of the dozens of Let's Plays... but, man, I just want the strats not the streamer's commentary and navel-gazing. I'll be playing on Hard, rather than PotD, because I also plan on doing all quests and sidequests, all dragons, all archmages, etc - essentially The (Frozen) Ultimate on hard, except I'm not going to use ironman mode, expert mode, etc. I also plan on recruiting and then promptly dumping NPCs in an inn or the keep
  4. I had no issues running 1080p. Do you mean 4:3 resolutions? Do they even make modern displays in 4:3 resolution? Nope, i end up with tiny unreadable letters or huge ones. My TV is 1360 x 760 but i can run MHW and other games on 1080p but not POE2 You're not running it at 1080p if your display is 1360x760...
  5. Maybe if they had bothered to make terrain interactivity relevant. As it is, the bonus reach is such an edge case it's not worth worrying about and you can always just put a pike in your secondary weapon slots in case it is. Being able to reach over your shield using front line is kind of pointless when there are only five people in your party to begin with and they didn't bother adding concepts like formation bonuses like shield walls to the game (they probably wouldn't suit this kind of game, anyhow... they're more at home in grittier, more realistic RPGs.) I like the changes to how DR
  6. I had no issues running 1080p. Do you mean 4:3 resolutions? Do they even make modern displays in 4:3 resolution?
  7. Dang. My physical goods haven't arrived yet but I was really stoked on receiving some high quality minis for the $25 :-/
  8. And most optional combat encounters are basically just "here is an empty room, here are some enemies, go fight them." Even the bounty hunt quests are largely all just this - crazy undead-making chick at the start? She's at the top of a hill, there is no line of sight/high ground advantage in the game, there are no other terrain features; walk up the hill and punch her until she stops. Crazy metal fire-priest guy? Him and his buddies are standing in a prayer circle in an open field, there is like one or two bushes that break line of sight, nothing else. There's a bounty that sends you to g
  9. It shouldn't be too hard to get the paint off with a solvent and mild abrasive. If they're plastic or something else that might dissolve in acetone, Simple Green with a magic eraser is what I swear by, just start with light pressure and only press harder if there's bits of stubborn paint you can't get off. Best results usually involve dunking the mini into a cup of the stuff and letting it soak for an hour or two, then scrubbing, dunking back into the simple green, and repeating until it's clear. Then rinse everything off with running water and let it dry before priming it for painting.
  10. Yeah. But you space that time out over several brief painting sessions; you need to allow some time for the paint to dry between coats, unless you're painting enough minis all at once that by time you finish putting the second coat on the last mini, the first mini is ready for its third. I haven't received my physical goods yet; are the minis pre-painted or unpainted? The pledge says unpainted. If they're painted, surely some acetone or Simple Green can scrub the paint off, right? They're pewter according to the pledge, so they should be safe for acetone.
  11. A fleshed out world to explore. This will require redesigning most of the combat encounters in the optional areas, because currently VERY few of them are memorable in any way, shape, or form - even the bounty hunts are almost invariably "here are some dudes in a field, go fight them." Most of the little dungeons are "here are some dudes in a couple of rooms, go fight them." There's little depth or nuance to any of it, so it makes it feel very same-y - exploration isn't satisfying when only one in a dozen little islands has anything interesting or of note (like the dungeon with Woedicans doi
  12. I never play turn-based games so perhaps they have more flexibility in this regard than I'm aware of, but I would think one quite defining difference between truly turn-based games and RTWP is that in turn-based games everything is sequential, whereas in RTWP it is parallel. Hence, in RTWP I can react to what the enemy is doing or to the outcome of something I did (especially now that we have easy retargetting). And similarly, I can coordinate the actions of multiple characters, or anticipate actions of enemies and time my own accordingly. That, I would argue, makes the two distinctly differen
  13. RTWP is just a very pretentious form of turn-based. Since that's a pretty loaded statement, I'll explain my reasoning: - Most (all?) RTWP systems are either directly based on turn-based rules (Infinity Engine games are based on 2E D&D rules and, later, 3E for example) or are heavily inspired by them (Pillars.) They share many of the same design conventions. Action speed isn't much different from the free/swift/move/standard/full round action setup used in 3.5E or action points in other systems. Recovery time is analogous to initiative order or JRPG-style ATB bars. So there are a l
  14. BG2's problem was that there was no narrative urgency in Chapter 2. We're TOLD that we need to get out there and save Imoen, but in gameplay mechanics our time is unlimited. Gathering lots of gold to buy assistance to rescue her is a perfectly fine narrative hook and it even plays into CHARNAME encountering Firkraag (who offers undeniably the largest bounty for aiding him, whose behavior is quite obviously fishy... but if you're in a real hurry to raise funds to save your little sister, you wouldn't have time to run a fantasy background check on him, even if an adult red would be dumb enough
  15. Probably cuz I'm thinking through it as I'm talking to people. ~shrug~ So where I am now is somewhere around Minsc is a) a one-dimensional character but b) if that was all the writer really needed him to be then he can still be considered a successful character. I can also say that c) successfully crafting a one dimensional character like Minsc probably requires less skill/talent/focus/experience/intent than a lot of Bioware's more recent offerings. This makes me think that d) when people say Minsc is a better character than Sera they're prooobably comparing raw end states, Minsc is pretty
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