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  1. I like the stats on paper, but from an RP perspective, it's all a very flimsy excuse to either subvert expectations or try to avoid dump stats (or both). Now having said that, I usually prefer the array of midling stats. The only game I've ever power-gamed on is the Infinity Engine series, and that's just because 2nd Ed D&D was so damn stingy with stat bonuses, I felt compelled to have the best stats possible starting out with any character. *nods* I like the classes and I'm figuring things out. I wish the game did have multiclassing because it seems like, given what happens, star
  2. Huh. I've not done a lot with flanking in the early game. At least not in deliberately moving the team as individuals around. Everyone swears Normal mode is too easy and you can just let the AI do the work, so I that's typically what I've done, barring micro-managing spell/power usage. The more I look into this system, the more I think that "Min-Maxing" stats is a trap. Many of the stats seem deliberately designed to trip up the old D&D Powergamers (MIG affected spell damage; PER (which is also the WIS equivalent) being used for accuracy) by merging different stat needs on a whim
  3. Interesting! I have another question that's been on my mind, since reading up on mechanics. Cipher gain Focus by damaging enemies. Every melee cipher build I see talks about high Might to do more damage. But I've tried that, and I've noticed that due to average Accuracy and only a 10 PER, that my Cipher misses as much as he hits, at least in Act I. Wouldn't the way to gain focus faster be to hit more often and worry less about the damage per hit, by having a high PER?
  4. I've narrowed my options down to a "Lady of Pain" 0-recovery build, which would require starting over (it's been nearly a year, so that doesn't bother me too much), or rebuilding my current Cipher. I've found this build for a Melee Cipher. It's over a year old, and I'm uncertain if it's still viable. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1293352068
  5. First off, I'm starting on Normal Difficulty (i can beat the old Infinity Engine games with SCS installed without using cheesy meta-gaming tactics), but Dear Sweet Lord Fluffy, this game has mechanics that make my brain melt. Nothing works like I expect it to, and quite frankly, the system seems a little over-engineered, but I digress. I've started the game twice, but keep giving up somewhere early in Act II as combat becomes a slog. Oh, I'm winning. But I can tell I'm taking WAY too long, and for really hard fights, I have to use cheesy tactics and exploit the AI, something I don't like d
  6. I'm having the exact same issue as the OP. Figured I'd not bother starting a duplicate thread. In fact, my last achievement was from 2016. I started over this month, and just realized I'd completed "Watcher with Eight Friends", but did not get the Achievement for it. I've not used the console, so I'm not sure what the issue is. I found a thread for "removing" the flag for disabling achievements with a hex editor, followed its instructions, and sure enough, the flag is already set properly. *headscratch*
  7. Pretty much what the title says. I've had Pillars of Eternity pretty much since launch, but I never got around to playing it (along with 100+ other Steam games). Well, I finally find myself in the mood, and am feeling a trifle overwhelmed. I've done a fair amount of reading on here already, but everything I find seems tuned for PotD and a complete custom party. As a first timer, that's not what I'm looking to do here. Bit of background, I'm an old hand at the Infinity Engine series, though hardly a master of it. I've started a game, trying for a melee Cipher build, and he just dies
  8. Middle Mouse Button is good to know, but the Cage Mouse function is NOT working for Dual Screen monitors either.
  9. You and every other higher tier Steam customer. Welcome to the party. *sighs* I should have bought it from GOG. No Steam-DRM and none of this BS.
  10. What about those of us who didn't back it? I only pre-ordered, via Green Man Gaming for Steam, and while Steam *claims* I have installed all the bonus content DLC, nothing is there except the in-game items. I've restarted Steam several times, and done everything but uninstall the game itself. is there a way I can register my Royal Edition steam key on the Portal so I can DL the content from there? Hell, if there's a Royal level backer with all the stuff, would you be willing to share? I'll forward you a copy of my GMG receipt so you can verity my purchase.
  11. Same here. I've restarted Steam twice, started a new game, restarted gain. Still nothing downloading, and nothing in the game folders beyond the manual. Royal Edition purchaser here.
  12. As a long-time fan of VtM: Bloodlines, I have to agree, Alpha Protocol is *nowhere* near as buggy as that game. The fan community is *still* releasing unofficial patches for it, I think! *shakes head* Now that being said, I've long felt Obsidian seemed to be working hard to take Troika's place as the "Development House Most In Need of a Good QA Department", but no, AP is *not* as bad as Bloodlines, *ESPECIALLY* not at release.
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