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  1. *Enjoying the nighttime orchestral score of crickets*
  2. Is Concelhaut going to be "alive" and well in Deadfire? I love his character and was hoping to see him again in the new game. I'm assuming this is possible considering you can go through an entire playthrough of the original without killing him. It all depends on what Obsidian considers canon. Does anyone know if we'll see our lich friend again? I came across this and thought it was a promising sign:
  3. I'm just a guy on a quest for answers I've restarted Steam multiple times and I've checked the integrity of my PoE files via the Steam app. I'm thinking it's because I started in 2015 and picked the save back up in late 2017, after many many patches. Loving the White March II. Awesome DLC. Enjoyed the first one too. Felt like a good ol' dungeon crawl in Icewind Dale.
  4. OP has created a duplicate topic in Steam's PoE forum. This is a waste of community resources. The Steam app is smart enough to cache unlocked achievements even when playing offline, and it syncs them to the Steam account when getting online again. There have been a very few cases in 2015 and 2016 in Steam's forum where players had to verify the installation files to unlock at least one achievement. In at least one case they've simply restarted the Steam app. But generally, in Steam's forum I don't remember any common problems with unlocking achievements. Quite the contrary. There have
  5. Hoping someone can help with this. My Steam achievements are not unlocking for PoE & WM I. I realized this last night when I recruited all three new companions and opened the gate to Durgan's Battery without any pop-ups. It also made me realize how much I like earning achievements No, I have not cheated. However, I do hit the tab and esc keys quite often and may have hit the tilde key and opened up the console. I'm hoping that alone does not disable achievements (that'd be pretty awful for frantic players like me). My save file is apparently too large to attach. Anyone know ho
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