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  1. I'm really confused by my Eder. He's *supposed* to be night market Eder. But he's weird about Xoti because she "doesn't really know about the truth of the gods" or something.
  2. I'd make a bug report about it in the technical support forum and see what they say.
  3. I can confirm it's impossible to unlock any levels with Paladin flames of devotion burn damage despite it supposed to be unlocked by burn damage. It won't even count any.
  4. Don't know if I'm missing something, but somehow he seems to immediately heal whatever damage is done to him. You can fight him for 90 years and keeps healing himself for 50+ points of health at a time. At first I thought my summons might be amplifying the effect, but he does the same thing 1v1 and my guy at max range.
  5. I see resolve (in a non-mechanical sense) as more of an unquenchable flame of motivation that constantly burns than a momentary explosion of willpower.
  6. I can't figure out how to properly selectively quote parts of your reply, so pardon if my response ends up awkwardly structured! I don't think my proposal say you *have* to invest in strength and con. It says that the average club performs better with a stronger and more sturdy wielder, not that clubs don't work at all with weak and unsturdy wielders. I guess where I'm taking issue is that I don't think flexibility is the same as all options being equal, or the same as only certain options being viable. I think a system is still flexible if multiple options are viable, but som
  7. Honestly, from a simplicity perspective it doesn't really make things "simple" I suppose, but I do think it would be somewhat intuitive, and UI hinting could make it even more intuitive: like when you pick weapon proficiencies and spells they order themselves or get star ratings from most efficient to least efficient for your stats so there's immediate feedback about what works. That said, it does kill flexibility in the sense of yes, your low strength, low con, all perception all dex guy *will* have trouble using a 12 foot long 300 pound club. But I don't think this is a real problem, as the
  8. Let's be honest: Why would strength/might or resolve matter much for using a firearm? Why would strength/might or resolve matter much for using a rapier? I think there should be a more complex system in place. Weapons, abilitiues/skills, spells, etc., should derive bonuses from the stats used to operate them. If a guy is a beefcake with an ogre sized club, said club is probably operating primarily off of strength and constitution. If a someone is wielding a rapier in full physical chess mode it's probably operating off of dexterity, perception, and intelligence. If a gal has a h
  9. Yay! It would be awesome if there were tints at least ballpark close to all the default portrait skin/hair colors! Last I gave it a go there was at least one Orlan it was hard to match.
  10. Ah, I was confused by this I think. Had no idea why my moral was constantly dropping. So is rice pretty much the "basic" standard crew food?
  11. In terms of things that actually seem like bugs, no matter how long you sail your non-crew party members don't seem to rest or heal. It seems pretty weird. Like you can sail for months and they still have wounds/injuries. Not sure if there's a way to feed them while sailing that I'm missing or what. Another thing I'm confused about is moral. What makes it go up? Destroying/defeating other ships seems to make it go up, but otherwise does it just go down? (I seem to repeatedly end up with zero moral despite having supplies loaded on the ship, etc.)
  12. I've inconsistently encountered similar behavior, where my main char will swing for the whole fight (for example) without ever hitting anything or dealing damage.
  13. RE the second half of that: I mostly like the idea that there are things somebody who is an experienced X would notice or know that an inexperienced one wouldn't, but which aren't hugely gameplay altering, more so gameplay hinting. For example scorch marks in an area - maybe your experienced ranger can say from them it's a particular kind and age or size of dragon and a low level one could just generalize, or perhaps your wizard can tell a specific fire spell was used and that there was a wizard here previously etc. These things could come up in conversation ("We saw signs of a dragon" vs
  14. I think the power level/power source system needs an overhaul for intuition/flavor myself. In my view they should be able to remove the words "power level" or "power source" from the game almost entirely. Instead, they should come up with better names for the "power sources" so that they come across more as character/class attributes that develop with experience. This works already for a couple power sources, like faith for priests. Priests deepen their faith. It's a natural attribute of a priest. The other "power sources" should be renamed similarly, as some of the current "p
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