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  1. I managed to reach level 11 and things are much easier now. The amount of cc available allowed me to switch Kana to a ranged character with the reload chant, which allows me to focus fire important targets easier. I got Zahua and he is tanky as hell in exceptional plate even without a shield. .... Honestly, Durance is my least contributing team member. As a whole i find the cleric spells fairly overwhelming. The accuracy buffs are OK and Prayer against Paralysis is basically mandatory at my level. Otherwise I'd happily replace him with someone else. Still, his 19 base Resolve and the fact that he doesn't need accuracy that much and the fact that his damage is crap allow you to slap a big shield and a hatchet on him. This gives him a ton of deflection and fixes his abysmal reflex defense. All in all he is much sturdier that keeping him in second line with ranged/reach weapon.
  2. I'm replaying PoE in preparation to start PoE 2. I play exclusively on PotD and would like some advise on fleshing out my party. What i currently have so far - I am level 5, Act 2 Main - Cipher with Molina Arbalest (using the mod that fixes it) & fine hide armor. Greater Focus Biting Whip Aloth - the soulbound rod & his own armor. Heavy focus on debuffs, Blast Penetrating Shot Durance - hatchet & large shield in plate as tank/buffer that heals the front line Sword & shield Field Triage (took this mostly for Kana) Hiravias - durance staff & his claws in Eder's armor as second line Wildstrike (shock) WF Peasant Kana - shatterstar hammer and medium shield, in plate as main tank Sword & Shield Style Ancient Memory ??? Open/Flexible what to put here ??? The thing is that my current setup is reliant on Hiravias & Main for DPS and if either gets knocked out the fights drag into eternity. From experience so far I need another melee char to hold the front line on PotD, otherwise the enemies just spill over and wreck my back line. Fights against multiple easy enemies are relatively easy - between Aloth, Kana and my main i have enough AoE to kill everything. The issue are encounters with tough, hard hitting enemies like the Pwagra+Lurker encounters or encounters with multiple mages which I can't kill fast enough. I've had very bad experience using 2h/DW on front line - even in heavy armor they don't last. I keep most enemies blind from Aloth, but even so they get crit very often (especially when debuffed) and stacking DR is simply not enough against many enemies, which hit hard and deliver massive bursts of damage which can't be outhealed. Zahua is my latest idea, but i need to level a bit before WM1 becomes available. I tried Sagani and she adds a lot of damage, but Ithumak is a sponge magnet for enemies due to his bad hp & poor defense. I try to send him in after front line is established, but eventually some enemies just turn on him and obliterate him. He is extremely susceptible to enemy mages and raw damage. 2h Pallegina was a disaster. 2h Eder i can't keep up with heal for above mentioned reasons (deflection lacking). Sword&shield Eder and Pallegina both worked, but i want something more damaging. I also tried Eder as main/solo tank, but even with the Fighter stance he can't reliably keep enemies pinned on himself. What would you suggest me to change in my setup?
  3. Tbh I've never managed to turn a chanter into an actual tank. I don't know how people do it - he always runs out of HP by the end of the second encounter after a rest.
  4. Lol I dropped Kana by accident. Guess my subconsciousness is trying to tell me something. Think it could be right?
  5. Cipher (PC) - ranged DPS Aloth - Ranged DPS Pallegina - main tank Zahuna - secondary tank Durance - secondary tank/party defense Hiravias - 2nd line dps/secondary heal Obviously I like them all. Who do you think would be the easiest to drop out?
  6. So... several hours later and now level 11 the build worked... just not as well as I hoped it would. Since i put heavy armor and use his as a tank he ramps up wounds pretty fast, but If i start to cast the long pain he is likely to lose aggro on some enemies. Further, with my setup Long Pain doesn't add up that more damage compared to using the 2 wounds to power Torment's Reach. Lastly, since i run Pallagina with Zealot's Charge the range is not that beneficial since my frontline moves pretty fast without any boosts. Getting Turning Wheel would have probably been better... PS: Hiravias is completely overpowered. I have no idea why I didn't use him in my first run. Probably too lazy to read Druid spells.
  7. In the end i settled on Mgt 16 Con 14 Dex 12 Perception 10 Intelligence 16 Resolve 10 Probably bad idea to drop Might, but w/e. I am sure he'll do just fine.
  8. I checked the gloves and the perhiapt. The gloves require a Cad Nua adventure, which i believe is totally luck based to get. The periapt is acquired in WM2, which is like the hardest content in the game from what I've read and should be played last. There is also the belt of chimes, but this is a Cad Nua adventure as well. Gulping a potion seems like a workable solution, but if i have to do it every fight I'd rather not. OK, how about this setup? Str 18 Con 12 Dex 12 Perception 8 Intelligence 18 Resolve 10
  9. I can totally see the advantages of dumping Res, but how do you handle interrupt? With 2-4 mobs attacking the monk and hitting almost every time there is good chance he'll get perma interrupt-locked. As far as I am aware the haste bonuses are of no help there. Also - using Sanguine Plate and low Res together means -15 Deflection. This will lead to many critical hits. Even if the healing is able to keep the Endurance the health pool will run out fast. Especially if i lower Con as well.
  10. I am already aware of your build, it is actually the inspiration for making my own. What do you think on the Stat distribution though. Resolve is hard to dump, perception gives accuracy and sex needed too... If sanguine plate haste doesn't work is getting 4 con worth losing 10 deflection?
  11. I already have one playthrough of PoE on a cipher, but that was before WM 1 and 2. Now that I have both of the expansions i am coming back for another playthrough. I play exclusively on PoTD. The cipher was fun, but I really liked Grieving Mother and I was not able to use her since main hero. So this time around I am doing monk. I want to do something with the new ability added with WM2 - Long Pain. Basically the plan is to play like a tank - with heavy armor on the frontline, but use it to smack priority targets behind the lines. Help me make the most out of this concept. Planned race & attributes: Costal Aumaua (resist two most common CC debuffs for front liner, cool looking huge and awsome model) Str 18 Con 14 Dex 12 Perception 6 Intelligence 16 Resolve 12 Most common disables seem to target Fort and Will. I remember the Druid stun spells target reflex, but Aumaua bonus should help there and I will keep a potion of Resist Elements at all times for fights against Druids. I don't care about interrupts that much, but accuracy might be a bit low? Maybe lower Resolve to 10 and put points in Per or Int? I was given to understand that Long Pain has in-build accuracy that might help. Monk stuff taken in the order of writing: Swift Strikes Torment's Reach Stunning Blow (for wizard smacking) Long Pain Iron Wheel Talents: WF (Peasant) Lightning Strikes Two Weapon Fighting Superior Deflection No idea after that... Equipment: Heavy armor The boots that give regen aura on getting crit No idea about the rest Planned party composition: Frontline: Monk PC - plate&fists as first main tank Pallegina - plate&paladin-only buckler as second main tank Durance - plate&heavy shield as secondary tank and support Middle: Kana in medium armor using pistol and sword/shield as backup Backside: Aloth - robes as AoE DPS and CC machine Grieving Mother - CC and support ====== The idea is to use Kana for maximum AoE coverage to effectively buff 4 ranged heroes with the swift chant and the fire lash chant, which i believe stacks with everything and will help offset somewhat the speed penalty from Plate armor on the monk. Grieving Mother has terrible attributes with horrible might, but okay-ish Dex so giving her a gun (why are there no Arquebuses whatsoever?) should be better than sticking to Warbow. Will use pain block Aloth will be mostly using Kalkoth's Blights for AoE devastation, as well as general CC spells like Blind, Confusion etc. I like keeping him in his own armor for the AoE bonus. Durance is there to take whatever mobs try to go around the 2 tanks and provide close range buffs and support. His attributes and skewered towards good Fort and Will and the large shield will fix both Deflection and Reflex. He doesn't need accuracy because he is supporing only. ====== Also - how many of the Haste-like effects stack with each other? Swift Strikes Kana chant Potion of the Wizard Haste Spell Frenzy on Sanguine Plate Two Weapon Fighting I am pretty sure Swift Strikes will get supressed by the potion, but I don't know how the Frenzy from the plate is treated. I think that the chant and the 2 weapon talents stack with everything, right? ====== Please critique the idea and help me make it work. I already checked Boroer's monk build based on the long pain, but I want something more tanky that requires less micromanagement with movement.
  12. Yep, yet another major nerf to Ciphers. It is now a glorified rogue that can cast 2 spells/encounter.
  13. Well you play solo a game for a party of 6. Therefore you need tankiness. Therefore shield is best for you. Drop down the difficulty if you havn't already if you want the sub-optimal choice.
  14. There are a couple of things many people miss in this debate, notably difficulty, overkill damage and synergy. Difficulty, especially PoTD, raises enemy defenses to very high levels. Its almost impossible to land consistent critical hits and most of the time you rely on debuffs to reliably hit enemies. This even applies to the debuffing spells - a grazing hit on a spell with reduce the duration in half. This means slower weapons require more micro-management, but will perform better when they are micromanaged (landing that one devastating hit in the 4 sec window that the enemy is paralyzed as an example). Faster weapons, on the other hand, are more versatile - they can switch targets more easily. Overkill damage occur when you deal 40 damage to a target with less then 40hp. This is more prominent on slower weapons, who also have slower refire rates. Overkill damage is bad and should be avoid - ideally have at least one character with a fast weapon to switch between targets and finish them off. Personally i use Aloth with Scepter + that 3lvl spell that creates a wand for that. Synergy occurs when your other party members debuff the enemies for you. The -defense reduction spells benefit both slow and fast weapons equally, but -DR spells (incl Combusting Wounds) benefit faster weapons much more then slower weapons. If you intend to use the Warbow consider getting that Chanter Invocation + Expose VUlnerabilities from the Wizard. Together with Penetrating Shot you can stack -10 to -15 DR penetration.
  15. The Cipher nerf is massive, but honestly necessary too. Started my first game on PoTD and wrecking all opposition.
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