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  1. Well, at least it will be well patched and cheaper by the time it arrives to GOG. Plenty of games to play until then.
  2. lol? That's your opinion, so there's nothing to atone for. PoE easily made it to my top 5 RPGs I played all time *shrugs*
  3. Yea, please get it to GOG as well. I mean PoE, Tyranny and F:NV are there!
  4. 1. PoE by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar 2. F:NV 3. Deadfire 4. KotOR2
  5. Who says that you *have* to be level 20 by the end of the game? Is it a big deal if you're level 18 or even lower? Is it a big deal if the last boss is beatable when you're not max level? When there's so many big bosses to test yourself on anyway. I'm also in the opinion that by the time I reach the last boss, I don't need it to be a grinding encounter. In Deadfire it's at least possible to somewhat self managed even without mods. Just don't do all the useless bounty quests, which feel extremely repetitive and boring. Original Pillars was balanced way better. Even though the bounty quests there also reward you too much XD
  6. Hmph The only new feature I'm looking for is the rebalancing of the experience gain XD
  7. The xp gain in Deadfire is more absurd than the original. My next play would be more roleplay based, so I'll probably skip a lot of quests. The bounties especially, are more absurd than the original. Repetitive, boring, stupid xp gain.
  8. Why even bring up something like ME3 >.< Extended cut didn't really do much for it But yea, that works for me. What was Eothas endgame then? Let the flow be natural again and the world see the gods for what they are and decide what to do about it?
  9. At least the way the story unfolded made it easy for me to decide the first game is better. When the gods said the souls will be stuck without the wheel, I thought they lie to me. That they just need the wheel so they'll be able to siphon some souls for themselves, and that some cycle always existed even before the gods were made. However, if they told me the truth, then I have no idea what's up with the world's lore anymore. I've seen old discussion about the ending from around May. Did anyone make clear sense of it since then? Any dev came out with a canon explanation?
  10. I think some are and it shows you the result for the lowest skilled party member. If they pass, the party pass. Check if the chosen one was always the one with least skill.
  11. 3.0.1 In the Drowned Kingdom of BoW, Rekke speaks in the Pool of Lost Memories. But I never recruited Rekke... Savegame: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ldwiod5ofxbkbl/rekke.savegame?dl=0 You just need the win the battle to see it happen.
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