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  1. This is causing some real internal dilemmas. While I am super excited to check all this stuff out, another part of me thinks that I already know too much about how the game is going to play. I think the character creation, stats and perks are something I would like to experience first hand once the game is out. I much prefer the "Ooh, I can get this perk now" on my first run, rather than "I need to buff these stats so that I can get this perk later on."
  2. I was listening to this just this morning after seeing a tweet from Megan. It really fits the nature of the game and story perfectly. Gonna grab it for sure.
  3. I don't think it's going to be traits so much as perks and flaws. For every flaw you receive, you get to pick a new perk, so I guess that is similar to traits in that sense.
  4. I'm not so sure. TTD looks like the only way to apply debuffs to enemies. I could be wrong and it might just be more obvious with the TTD HUD. I also assume that you can issue commands to your followers using this system, like you could in Mass Effect.
  5. I don't think we'll be seeing any terrestrial animals in OW... but I've been wrong before.
  6. I've learned to never pre-order, but would purchase on release day if they are smart and send out press review copies in advance. If release day rolls around and there are no reliable reviews out there, I will wait a week. It'll kill me, but I will wait.
  7. My first playthrough of New Vegas I never took on a single companion and had a blast. Of course, in subsequent playthroughs I've travelled with companion characters and loved their story arcs as well. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lone wolf style perk that helps to buff your character when travelling alone. Yes, this has been a lot harder in more recent Obsidian RPGs, but I think that's more because those games were party focused and you had control of every member of your group. That's not so much an issue with a first person, immersive title such as TOW.
  8. As someone who plays exclusively in first person, I agree that the developers should include a third person option. If not on release then at least some time afterwards. I don't suffer with motion sickness and I'm even fine with a restricted FOV, I don't really notice it. However, I have a number of friends who would struggle to play this game if it is FPP only, which would be a shame as they are huge Fallout: New Vegas fans.
  9. It would be a shame if there was no visual customisation, but I recall them saying that you would see your character in the inventory screen and when idling for too long. I doubt it would be extensive like Fallout 4's character creation system (the one thing that game got right, I spent my entire first hour in there...) with the insane level of face morphing and body type controls. I imagine it will be the standard affair. One body type (average build) and a selection of preset faces, hairstyles, skin and hair colours and that's your lot.
  10. I just grabbed a screenshot during the trailer, but I would like some official wallpapers and such. Maybe a press kit? :D
  11. Yup. Time dilation confirmed. Essentially a mix of bullet time and minimal VATS influence in that you see details of the enemies health and armour.
  12. There's no information on this yet. It obviously won't be called VATS, but it's not unreasonable to think that there might be some colonist equivalent that the protagonist has access to. I'm not sure to what degree copyright infringement effects these things, but pausing and targeting specific body parts might be enough to earn them a lawsuit from Bethesda. Maybe? No idea.
  13. Bioshock inspired certainly, but it's an original IP.
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