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  1. 1: One hand COMES to rest on 2: turn of EVENTS 3: the most DANGEROUS storms Cheers!
  2. 1st: 'The city HAS given' 2nd: 'years dressed IN fine' 3rd: The narrator's words after Wael speaks are missing here - they are: 'they say, a wry smile contorting their features.' Hope this helps!
  3. Actually I've just had a thought - are some of these checks party-wide? Maybe I just hit them in a specific order and got a few party-wide ones in a row? Up until a few days ago every check I'd had (iirc) had allowed me to click a portrait.
  4. I've had a few CYOA-style segments where a skill check is required to perform one of the actions, but when I select that action it chooses a random member of my party to perform the action without giving me the option (and then generally fails because of this). This has been continuous for a while now. Please help stop my party constantly walking straight into ambushes and sneaking around with all the skill of a group of drunken elephants I tried replaying the encounter in question a bunch of times; every time with that party configuration the game would choose Aloth for the skill check.
  5. 1st: lake in SE corner of map is not marked as impassible so you can cross it on foot 2nd: for a while now I haven't been able to see the top line of text properly on anyone's character sheet, as if the pane doesn't scroll quite far enough upwards. Omitting any other details as these seem pretty harmless and not too involved! Let me know if you need more
  6. 1st: 'the other can sense it and feels' instead of 'the can sense it and feel' (I have the enhanced UI mod installed so there's a chance this is from that) 2nd: 'giant sharks' instead of 'giants sharks'
  7. 1st image: 'of his forehead' instead of 'is head forehead' 2nd: 'it goes' instead of 'in goes' 3rd: 'your mates are sharing' instead of 'your mates sharing' 4th: '...' instead of '_' at the end of the sentence
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