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  1. I hope they make at least one more good one and then we'll see. I have bad memories of Might and Magic IX. Better to have 3 great games than to have 12 bad ones. Of course, I'll agree with you, Ignatius, best to have 12 great games!
  2. That's why Durance got the spell power, to take care of those bounty hunters. The Dyrwood is kind of like the Wild West. If you run fast enough or have enough firepower, there is no Law. Justice is with whomever has the most firepower and gets there first. The Stasi got away with far more in East Germany. Fair enough, but he's still a bad guy.
  3. hehe Just following orders is a bad defense for what amounts to war crimes, but it's an even worse defense when you choose your boss.
  4. Tablet? Check! Rise of the Runelords base set? Check! Pathfinder Adventures app? Waiting on Obsidian! P.S. Got rid of the pic. Realized my screen had fingerprints on it and seemed unseemly as it seems.
  5. I get such a kick out of the snarky replies sometimes.
  6. Holy cow, you're right! I never knew that! Talk about overthinking everything.
  7. We're all flawed characters. I don't think the characters are who you want them to be. How you want to see them changes your perspective, but what they are is already baked into the writing. If the story allows you to impact them, then you can mold their character, but that has limits in a game. It also has limits in real life. A good character can go bad or simply do bad things through misguidance. A bad character can repent and redeem himself. That's all good, but the best you can do is help guide someone. He'll still be what he is and the only real change that can come, if it is ever to come, is through himself. Now, if you choose to see Durance as a good guy who has done bad things, cool. If you think there is no such thing as bad, I disagree but I accept that it's your perspective. If you think, as I do, that Durance is bad but redeemable but the opportunity for such redemption doesn't come during the game, then I'll pass you a beer and we'll celebrate our like mindedness. Finally, if you think Durance is a bad guy could never atone for his ass-hattery, then once again I'll disagree. As to truth, there is an objective truth. You might not know it. It may be beyond our capactity ever to know and understand it. There will remain, however, the truth. Forget morals, ethics, or religion. The facts remain and not knowing them doesn't cause them to cease to exist. Don't mistake the inability to quantify something in accordance with human understanding with a lack of reality. Note, I'm not talking religion or God. I'm talking about the universe and it's inner workings which, no matter how much they confound us, have within them a past, a process, and an outcome. In terms of situational ethics and the like, I have known a few people who insist they've never regretted anything they've done (although on extremely shaky philosophical grounds) I have not, however, known anyone who has done nothing regrettable.
  8. I want more Pathfinder videos, but I also like the Friday night silliness with other games too. I think alternating Pathfinder with the regular crowd is good because I almost always come in and check out what's going on for at least a little while since it's cool to see other games. Granted, I get involved in the drinking games and then post incoherently in Obsidian forums, which is a downside. I think I should put a breathalyzer on my keyboard for Friday nights. The point is, the wait is excruciating, but anticipation whets the appetite. Think of Carly Simon or a ketchup commercial.
  9. Thanks Ineth. I might use that one on a future run. Is there some easy way to change portraits in a game in progress. As much as I like my rogue's portrait, the one you made would actually be more in line with the actual setting.
  10. I'd agree, but some will choose the gun. Well, I guess those guys will die and the rest will agree.
  11. Yeah, that's what everyone needs... Durance as a kindly ol' grandpa and Zahua living next door to their kids' school. Durance is a bad guy. Whether you call h evil or not is another matter.
  12. Not really. Eder was not a clergyman, he was not some officer of the faith, he was just some guy that happened to worship Eothas and felt Waidwen was a a false prophet. If anything he remained true to his faith at the time because again, he thought Waidwen was a false prophet. PS: There is still no REAL evidence to suggest he wasn't either. Yeah, I'm with you, but I can see making the argument. Plus I was being lazy. I think the point about being able to argue the case for or against any of the NPCs was the heart of the matter, and I think you can. That said, I'm actually certain Eder was faithful. Throughout the game, he remains so. On the other hand, I'm not a moral relativist. I just don't want to get into a multi-page argument about real world moral and ethical definitions. I prefer the develops don't have an alignment system since it tends to be overly simplified and insulting. Most of us know what's moral or not in broad strokes. In the fine lines, there will be discussion and debate, even if it's internal. So, while you won't find me fighting on the side of relativism, I do support the developers making a game in which the player attributes the morality and motivations to the PC.
  13. No, that just makes your response utterly bereft of any merit because it isn't based on any sort of reasoning, just your dislike of an arbitrary thing that has literally nothing to do with the subject. It's about the same as saying "whenever someone makes an argument and I see he's wearing sneakers, I roll my eyes and decide that he's wrong." Well done. You're the definition of unreasonable. That's a bit of a false analogy. I could be clever and equate it to the same as saying, "whenever someone makes an argument on the basis that he's wearing sneakers, I roll my eyes and decide that he's wrong." I guess arguing that you like a because you're wearing sneakers is probably eye rollable. However, that's also a false analogy. Sneakers aren't relatable to the argument at hand. A great number of people don't make the argument that the game needs to force players to wear sneakers. The comparisons with BG and BG2, fairly or no, came hot and heavy early on. I was lurking around here from time to time during development. So, not only is your analogy off in that it's entirely different in kind, it's astronomically different in number. The game is released. Saying that you don't like Pillars because it's not more like BG is fair enough, but some of the arguments are so far reaching is this regard that in meaning they amount to not liking the game because it's not the same as BG. That's fair enough, but after a while of hearing the same refrain, yeah, I roll my eyes. Look, I say all this without rancor. I don't want to get into a multi-page forum fire over it, so if you're still steamed at me, I'll let you take the last shot. I'll still think the whole BG thing is a kind of religious mantra for some people.
  14. No, Eder was a traitor to his faith. He was actually defending his country, but the argument is still workable in any case.
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