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  1. I played a paladin at launch and had a lot of problems. I didnt beat the game even. Now I am playing a paladin and that class is very much improved. I have almost beat it and had a great run through the game with no bugs. I think eventually modders will get their hands on this game too. It'll be well taken care of for years I bet.
  2. yeah.... ahh sounds like you're describing a game that'll sell 100 copies if u buy 3 of em. maybe I read it wrong.
  3. its funny hearing people complain about how easy the combat is and others how hard it is. my party has 2 paladin's in it cause my daughter thinks the lady with feathers on her head is pretty. If I can manage anyone can manage if they try harder. I dont understand people complaining about how easy a game is and also power game the whole thing. solo it as a chanter if it's so damn easy.
  4. Did you play Age of Decadence, Serpent in the Staglands and Underrail?Because if you didn't, you didn't play the best RPGs in 2015. i havent played AOE but the other 2 ...... u honestly think Serpent in the staglands is better? since when did not having a god damn game journal count as progress or 'good'. Underrail... for game of the year.... yeah... nope. both great games and they may have won game of the year in 1996 I think Pillars is better. to each their own.
  5. to each their own. This post was to sound of if you think it's game of the year. not that i'd ever tell people how to post but lets assume I mean it's the CRPG of the year. I realize the game is not everyone's cup of tea. For me personally its sucha great game because I complained to friends for 15 years that there hasnt been a truly great DnD style CRPG since baldurs gate. I am a huge fallout fan. I play 1 and 2 at least once every 2 years sometimes twice in a year. still as great as Fallout 4 is I'd give Pillars GAME OF THE YEAR hands down. Fallout 4 is console fodder ...shoot everyone and find a note on their body RPG. The dialogue is such that total morons can follow it while drunk and smoking weed "aw **** G that dude says he needs me to kill those bandits because they is bandits... should I say. yes no maybe or some slightly funny phrase" . Pillars is better Dark Souls is good too but Pillars is better. Shadowrun was great but pillars is better. I am on my 3rd run in pillars. When I saw people complaining on this board it totally blew my mind. I guess when you get backed the way pillars was each individual person expects the game to be exactly what they had in mind for it. we payed them to make a game they wanted I would say the Pillars of Eternity is the best written game since Planescape: Torment I am awarding them my Peter Jex Game of the Year award. I really hope the game was a success. I backed it with my entire bank account (44 bucks) I wanna say it was 3 years ago but I dont remember. I am much better off now and would fund another game with much more. POE 2! POE 2! POE 2!
  6. man sounds like the game just hasn't really sucked you in. I highly doubt you play on super hard settings. Why power game it and complain about it. Don't respect characters, I wasnt even aware of this option and i'd never use it. Load your party with companions you like regardless of classes. NEVER go back to town to restock. ROLE PLAY. Play as a character, that's what I do the game is perfect for that. Camping supplies seems like 2 or 4 is a barren wasteland when u dont go back into town during an adventure. I highly doubt after u break into a place u could leave for a week and come back. So I dont play that way. a person wouldnt just change stats and skill set over ... so i dont play that way. An easier quest option by selecting a dialogue contrary to my character.... I dont click it. play the game like a table top RPG and you'll have more fun.
  7. i like D:OS but the neverwinter nights style immersion breaking game mechanics and campy style just isnt my thing. It doesn't take itself too seriously which for some is good. For a RPG fantasy game it might not be the best. I think it's a great game but so is warcraft 3 and I dont like that either. there's just different types of games out there. I bought it on day 1 and played it through and enjoyed it. Pillars of Eternity invaded my dreams and work life. It's an all time great RPG that I think in the next few years will be seen as a revolution in CRPG gaming and in the industry as a whole.
  8. God DOS the art direction in that game makes so hard to feel any immersion. I dont see how that engine could be separated from it either. It's an OK game but it's not as good pillars by a long shot. It's campy and doesnt have good story telling or RPG mechanics. it's like a Mario brothers game as far as the mechanics, combat, and the game world are concerned
  9. Here's a topic for all of us to declare our vote for Pillars of Eternity game of the year 2015 Fallout 4... sorry I'm a RPG nut and that game took no risks whatsoever. Almost none of the features in that game are based in good RPG story telling or mechanics. good game maybe great not so much I've played practically every RPG made in 2015 and Pillars has my vote for game of the year. good work guys.
  10. the limited resources are a well thought out and well implemented system. I agree maybe there's a place or two we could find more camping supplies. anyone that's played a great game of table top RPG knows that those great adventures are the ones that resources are pressed. Where all your guys are down and u gotta figure out how to deal with situation creatively cause u cant blow ur last fireball. When you gotta drag a friend back to a priest you met earlier but there's a horde of orcs chasing u. Having to rely on a rouge with 4 hp left sneak attacking a bad guy or you're all %&$*ed. Thats great tabletop rpg. it randomizes the game. it incentives creativity and makes trash mobs turn into a nail biting drama. In pillars I once had 3 characters down to nothing, no spells, dead fighter, limping back to where I could travel. I ran into 4 zombie things and it was a battle royal between a paladin / cipher and 4 trash mob zombies. I walked out of there with 5 endurance and 1 guy still standing. It was an epic fight. I guess I am just plain too lazy to run back to town all the time. I suggest you not go back to town and save those last 2 rests, See how u creatively sneak around, use traps. It's way more fun. I play it out no matter what and still have never once hit a wall in the game. I dont play on suicidal settings though. I like to role play at normal difficulty and enjoy the game. I just barely bumped up to the next difficulty after I got used to it. The hardest thing is managing the resources and it's what IMO makes the trash mobs have a point.
  11. I find the stash to give better immersion than any alternatives in similar games. Makes more sense than a character trudging around with stuff that would realistically weight 1000 pounds (3 sets of plate mail? 5 great swords 10 potions couple of robes and boo's exercise ball? really gonna carry that around? they stash the good somewhere before moving on. As they "travel" they throw it in a cart and stash it somewhere else. Maybe they could have added a cart or a donkey (named bill), a caravan... but ahhh.. yeah I'd prefer some more stories or a cool quest. Making a game is all about resources and where u use them. Creativity is a resource and IMO pillars used their ample supply very well. The game play in pillars is very brave and innovative. The stories, the nuts and bolts dialogue writing is as good as a work of proper fiction. it's kind of like Bill and Ted's excellent adventure. The game "promises to all that stuff" later. You know why? it's a game. you know what else is realistic...... math homework.... do we need some of that in the game too? how about a pooping mini game? The stash is a unique idea and a good idea. Maybe it could use some balance tweaking but honestly... lets focus on what really matters. Story, combat, character realism and a beautiful game world. I'm sure Pillars 2 will have limits on what u can carry but hopefully not much. I like my keep with 1 of everything.
  12. Playing this game through again after 6 months. I thought maybe at first I was too ready to like and thus my review of the game was flawed... so I've played it again with a more critical approach I tried and failed. This isn't a review the game is too good to review I've lost my objectivity. The art direction of this game is the best I've seen in a CRPG fantasy game. It is stunning how beautiful a simple computer game can be. The zone and the buildings and just beautiful. The combat is interesting albeit needing some gdamn scripts. I hate ordering someone to do something and have it not do it and just sit there getting pounded on. I am just enthralled by this game now. What a great and interesting story. It reminds me of planescape with the depth and great writing. I want a sequel wll donate more than 5 bucks this time. seriously this is game of the year in my mind without question. Maybe fallout 4 but this gonna be right up there in my book.
  13. so this isometric throw back blast from the past game nearly melted my computer. Whats the deal with it causing uncontrolled system over heating? I did have the IEMOD installed but I turned if off and it still hit 65-70 in 20-30 minutes of play. I play Skyrim at MAX setting with a **** ton of graphic mods and it stays at 51 max 58 I've turned the FPS all the way up and all the way down neither worked i've changed the resolution I tried talking out loud to it about cold things is the super speed that's doing it? increasing the speed in the game. I know IEMOD has super dooper speed I did use that but I turned it off as well. if you have any advice I'll gladly take it
  14. I find this class to be really cool. It reminds me of Darksun old SSI crpg My first play through ongoing right now is with a cipher as the main is it possible to be a cipher with good melee skills ? like a fighter/mage ? also let me just say this game is awesome. I think it's better than Divinity original sin (which is also great) the RPG is mkaking a comeback
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