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  1. Its working now. appears "coming soon" but now it has the link to download.
  2. In my backer i have the novella, but in gog no. My brother is having the same problem. im waiting a answer from the gog team.. its very odd.
  3. Yeah its a little odd. I sent a message to gog and receive this as an answer "Hello, we had a slight delay with releasing these files, but they should now be available and corrently labelled on the accounts right now. I apologise for the inconvenience." but when enter in pillars eternity i cant download the novella. i have the champion version
  4. The documentary it still keeps the coming soon even after so many months but at least has the link, but the novela dont have the link to download.
  5. I have the new update 3.0.3 in gog but the novella stil appears "NOVELLA (COMING SOON)". what happened? Thanks
  6. I want a skill system, a complex but fun system where i could customize my characters.
  7. Well, i support xp for lockpicking and trap, but i wold like to see xp for combat to. i want all possibilities.
  8. I dont understant why we cant have xp in disarm and lockpick. But if many people have that problem (and if it is so little xp ), developers could put a menu option to disable that. For me i vote yes. I like do disarm things and receive xp for that. Obsidian could even put diferent levels of dificulty in chests. More dificulty more xp award.
  9. could we gain experience in both quests and combat?
  10. Pillars of Eternity has a Cyclopedia. it will have only bestiary in this section or will have more things like story of characters, locations, etc...?
  11. I hope they insert arrows in the game. no streamlined game please.
  12. I wold prefer like baldurs gate 2 but with the option to hide the left vertical bar.
  13. Well i love music! i think the music of baldurs gate its very well composed, the problem for me its to be a little generic and its only 1.40 hours of music for a 100 hours game. A good example off a great and unique soundtrack its for example panzer dragoon saga. music - Another geat soundtrack Grandia II Project phoenix a game that was in kickstarter to Final fantasy VII for example have 4 hours of soundtrack. The witcher 2 has 2 hours and its a game much more small. If pillars have a much larger and diverse soundtrack i will be happy
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