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  1. Is there an update on when we can expect the Novella? The Kickstarter Campaign estimated April 2014 (clearly not possible) but now it has been six months since release (March 2015) and the first expansion has launched. When can we expect to receive the novella that many of us have purchased? Note: I am genuinely curious, not mad.
  2. I'm more worried that the bug threads don't have any mods or devs posting today post-patch. Hopefully that means they are busy troubleshooting because when the expansion launched they were very active on the forums.
  3. Sorry, just looking to confirm. Can I continue playing knowing that the accuracy will be correct when fighting? Or are my weapons now completely inaccurate? It's starting to look like when the next expansion is launched I'll have to wait a few weeks before buying it so it's playable...
  4. I cannot find him either. I don't understand how it was possible to solve the quest by not killing ogres either...Can someone post a screenshot of where Morug is?
  5. You should add this to the bugs section of the forum if it isn't already there. Unless there is a lore reason they can't be sacrificed, it's a bug...
  6. Pump the brakes on #2 that's IS NOT a bug. That's exactly what those 2 shields DO. They are the only shields in the game with the HERALD enchant. THAT Enchant Specifically buffs the party with defensive stats. It even implied it in their lore story. These are the ONLY (not sure about white March gear ) shields in the game that provide these bonuses and they both have the HERALD enchant. Sorry, it appears Torm51 is correct. Please disregard number 2. Though "+5 All Defenses" implies that it will add +5 to all the defenses of that character not =5 to all defenses on all characters. Maybe "+5 All Defenses - Party" or "5+ All Defenses - Allies" would help make it clearer?
  7. Hello, Found a few bugs and was wondering about fixes. In Caed Nua, my visiting special guards (Fellow of St. Waidwen, Brutish Warrior) are still walking around, but they don't show up on the management screen, nor are their bonuses included. However, they are shown as occupying 2 of the 8 guard slots as it says 8/8. The little saviour and the other paladin buckler with +5 bonuses to the three defensive stats are applying themselves to the whole party. It shows up next to the character portrait and I checked the personal screen for the characters and confirmed the bonuses are totaled and applied there (I equiped and unequiped the shields to check). A cloak was doing this as well (I don't recall which cloak, I found it while testing to get rid of the bug). Blurry font but you already know that. Any idea if these will be included in next week's patch? output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  8. Here is my output_log and I run at 1920x1080. Any eta on a suggested fix on our end or a hotfix ? I cleared my schedule to play the expansion but the blurry text is giving me headaches. Thanks! output_log.txt
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