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  1. As I said in my previous post they still could - and should - have put out scavenger hunt at the same time as preorders, giving people clear view of the situation, rather than do it two months after many people already preordered.
  2. GOG doesn’t support this kind of content linking. The issue is GOG, not Obsidian. Honestly the issue is also Obsidian. This kind of promotion should've been researched before preorders were opened to public (and backer keys given out to backers), and in light of GoG not supporting it they should have had an alternative solution prepared beforehand or the promo should have been unveiled at the time preorders were so that people who care about this can make an informed decision about their platform. As it is, as someone who preordered on GoG I feel kind of cheated, because I chose the pla
  3. What about the issue with St. Ywden's Redeemer applying Divine Mark to both target and the wielder? Didn't make it into this patch I take it?
  4. When I fought him he wasn't, but I believe that was before 2.0 and there were no immunities at that time if I remember correctly.
  5. My experience with both Adra and Alpine was that they're most unfun, cheap fights I faced in the game thus far - and I'm not even playing on highest difficulty. To hell with them I say, Gaze of the Adragan spam is all they deserve.
  6. Well I'll be damned, this worked. I deleted that folder that must've been holdover from the one time I tried Galaxy and game starts again. Thanks man.
  7. Yep the game was pretty far in. I only did a clean reinstall because something with GoG 2.02 patcher was borked and not when I loaded a savegame in 2.02 not everything rendered, so I decided to do a clean reinstall. As for HD Graphics 4600 vs NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M thing - the laptop I'm using has both. DxDiag only shows the integrated one for some reason but the system is set up so that it uses GeForce for everything. Regarding the suggestion from the other thread... I'd rather see a proper fix than resort to that. I mean I'll use that if no other solution appears but I'd prefer not
  8. As the topic says I can't run the game - instead of starting I get the runtime error that you can see on screenshot in attachment. This is a fresh install - had removed previous installation of the game, downloaded the latest installers and run them. Some week before I did run the previous installer without errors and I didn't really mess with anything that should affect this. Version is GoG standalone (as in I'm not using Galaxy). OS is Windows 7 64 bit. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  9. No can do I'm afraid. My rig is on the lower end of scale and I know from prior experience that trying to record games is a wee bit too much for it.
  10. The grey fill signifying the penalty was there before - not sure if from the start then it most certainly was present in 1.06 at the very least, because I remeber noticing it several times. As for the red fill I'd say the fact its start point is beyond the grey fill is consistent: grey fill is the part of endurance the character doesn't have at the moment, red fill is damage recieved so it should show only on endurance the character still has. Didn't notice red fill going beyond the frame as you mention in one of the earlier posts.
  11. As far as I see he has major fatigue icon next to him - being fatigued cuts maximum endurance.
  12. By the wording, it should apply to all kinds of damage. Sadly it doesn't seem to or at the very least the combat log doesn't indicate it working in any way on spell damage.
  13. Good point. Edited the main post with a link to a zip containing a save game (and output log file made after replicating the problem)
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