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  1. When I fought him he wasn't, but I believe that was before 2.0 and there were no immunities at that time if I remember correctly. Yeah, I went in wholly expecting to have to petrify the Adra dragon only to find she's immune now. In the end I didn't need to anyway, as she hit for about 100+ compared to the Alpine dragon. I had a blast fighting Adra. Alpine just felt entirely overtuned. I can deal with any enemy that has some immunities, high defenses, high DR, and a good bit of accuracy, but I can't deal with a monster that can one shot multiple party members with a single attack if it c
  2. Yeah, I've done so. My save file is like 8MB, and even packed into a .zip file it's still too big to upload here, so I'm not too confident about it being fixed for me. Unless other people are experiencing it.
  3. Description: At first I thought this might be a spell reflect of some kind, but I'm hitting myself with Divine Mark against a variety of different enemies. I'm not sure if it's happening every time the spell triggers, as I haven't had the weapon fully upgraded for long enough to have tested extensively. In both of the screenshots below, my paladin wielding the sword it hitting herself with the Divine Mark trigger. I know Ydwen's died heroically defending commonfolk, but I don't think this was how it happened. Steps to reproduce: Just attack anything with St. Ywden's Redeemer equipped
  4. I'm not sure if this was a bug, or some kind of "reflect" thing (I'm not 100% familiar with every little ability in the game), but... well... should my weapon trigger hit myself like this? I don't want to post this in the tech support forum if it isn't a bug. Does anyone more knowledgeable than I know if these enemies cast some sort of 100% effectiveness spell reflection?
  5. It actually was, too. Granted, a part of that is the adds suck less than spectres, IMO. And a bigger battlefield gave me some time to actually deal with a lot of the smaller enemies and get my buffs going before the dragon joined the fight. Apparently, though, Greyjaw is the most powerful enemy in the game. I keep landing bigger kills with my paladin, yet Greyjaw forever remains her strongest foe. I had no idea about weapons being an exception. Always thought it was weird that Godansthunyr had +1 Might, and now that I know that I'm a little sad I didn't use the hammer before.
  6. Those stack? That's pretty great, but geez. It's so hard to figure what stacks and what doesn't in this game, everything seems a bit inconsistent. Two flat +CON items stacking, but my +12 Will below 33% Endurance from Mantle of the Undying Boar is suppressed by my +9 ring. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I did manage to take down the dragon with a bit of luck (I was trying to confuse the other enemies, and wound up confusing the dragon for 20! seconds) and a bit of cheese (Gaze of the Adragan might be a legitimate spell, but it feels entirely cheap; I feel less dirty about us
  7. It's basic attack targets Fortitude? How do you defend against that? This thing's hitting (not critting) Eder for 120 damage. Edit: And just grazed my PC for over 300 damage. What?
  8. That's about right. I have a very strong disdain for ranged weapons. I don't like guns whatsoever and I've had no luck getting a ranged attacker to do any damage with a bow (~15 damage a hit on low DR enemies is the best I've done, and Sagani's fox was hitting twice as hard as her; I dropped the ranger though because I didn't like babysitting her and a pet)
  9. Some great ideas I'll have to try. I haven't used stealth much (I only have one character with it) but I'll give it a shot. 110 Deflection, though? I can't imagine how I'd get that much. With a superb shield I have that much on my tank, and with +9 deflection gear on my monk and Paladin (plus Faith and Conviction and the monk's toggleable +defense that I forget the name of) I have only 75 on them. I'm sure part of the problem I have is spell usage, but I can only cast the big +deflection spells so many times per rest. Finally, with a crit-based trigger on two of my paladin's items, and how
  10. I don't think discussing tactics against a monster type you fight frequently without any relation to side or main quest is a spoiler.
  11. Could anyone give me some advice on how to fight these? I've just entered, uh... the hotsprings area, and the sheer size of every group of lagufaeth is making it extremely difficult. I'm level 11, by the way. Paralysis is a non-issue; I died once, then cast Immunity ASAP and managed. The problem isn't CC but rather they seem to do a ton of damage to everyone in my party at once. I'll send Eder in first, my Paladin and Zahua second (both in full plate, both with 80-90 in all defenses) and I just can't kill them faster than they kill me. I'll see 160/200 endurance on my Paladin, unpause, and
  12. I'm playing a Goldpact Paladin and have Stoic and Rational dispositions both rank 4, while neither Aggressive or Passionate have any ranks at all. As far as I can tell, this should give me 11 deflection and 22 other defenses (I'd have thought 13/26 but I remember hearing they cap at 3 ranks per disposition). Instead, I'm only receiving 8.8 and 17.6 deflection and other defenses respectively.
  13. The trouble with fampyrs is there are about half a dozen of them all using charm near-instantaneously. A "hit them before the hit you" sort of strategy is extremely RNG dealing with them, as it relies heavily on a key character not getting charmed before they can land a spell or ability on the fampyrs. In my case, I cheesed the fight with line of sight and lucked out that none of them were successful in charming my tanks. By the time I brought my casters into view, the fampyr AI was spazzing out too hard to do anything. On the other hand, mushrooms never gave me much trouble. Just pull
  14. I guess there's supposed to be a video, but I don't see anything. Not sure if it's the forum or me. Edit: Nevermind, got it now. Dunno what was up. Edit 2: This is awesome, thanks for the video!
  15. Hopefully I haven't missed something obvious to make this thread redundant. Basically, I don't feel like I have a great grasp of the way Engagement functions, mechanically, in the game. Things like what determines who you're Engaged with, how close a character has to be for Engagement to work. Essentially, beyond "when you target someone with a melee weapon, you're Engaging them", I'm not confident in my understanding of the system. Given that Engagement can be a pretty big deal in combat, I think it's important to have a full understanding of it. So for the sake of simplicity, here's
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