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  1. Easy I would love to see Polish version of this game. Not for me since I'm always playing oryginal but for young people in Poland that still have problems with English and they want to see how big boys do games.
  2. Thanks again. btw I'm updating demo on http://nodegame.dariuszp.pl/ when I can. Today there should be small feature that allow bigger map than view area (right now map don't scroll but I didn't have time yesterday to finish this) and there will be map switching. Also I was testing this against 100 and 1000 animated characters on the screen. As expected only Google Chrome have no problem handling 1000 characters But that gave me idea to handle animation of people out of the view area to increase performance. As expected, DOM manipulation is quite nice for this kind of job and after I fini
  3. Thanks for suggestion. I didn't want to post offer or anything since I probably can't afford it right now. So to prepare budget for the future I wanted to ask some professionals for advice. But it's probably only way. I never imagine that it's so hard to find 2D animators for this kind of stuff. It's even hard to find anyone who have slight idea about costs.
  4. It's their funeral. I never buy a game that have day 0 DLC or platform specific DLC. If company show me middle finger I just do the same holding my wallet.
  5. If you would go Kickstarter I would just trust you guys since you always made great cRPG !. So instead of asking what we would like to see ask yourself - what would be your "dream come true" game you always wanted to create and just put it on kickstarter We will support it as loong as it will be something good. And if it's from you - it will be good!.
  6. Hi all, First of all, sorry for my bad English. I'm big fan of your games for a long long time. And I'm playing cRPG since I can remember. You are company I like the most in this industry since your name is next to all my favorite games. Your games are great and sometimes full of bugs but you can't make good and complex cRPG without few of them. My second favorite company, CD Projekt RED also make lot of them and yet they don't stop fixing what they can. Anyway, I'm programmer. But for some reasons I ended up as webdeveloper. Mostly I work with SQL, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and stuff. N
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