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  1. I don't think this is an excuse. We have to pay for the game, just like X-Boxers. Wich company gives it's customers the middlefinger and says: "You are just 2nd rate customers, try it the next door." And slams the door shut in your face. This is what they do.
  2. Hi Obsidian Entertainment. I am a big RPG Fan and a Southpark Fan as well. But there is one big question: Why is there a platform specific pre order bonuses? I really like the Mysterion, I like everything about South Park, why am I excluded? You know I get that there are always day one DLC, I personally hate them, but they are here and I can live with it. But that X-Box users get an advantage about PC or PS3 is, to stay in South Park manner, "bull....". I wanted to Pre-Order the game via Steam 100%. But I feel like a second rate customer, cause I know that X-Box users get 3 extras I will have to pay or that will probably never be available for me. I just wanted to tell you that this is a drawback and may lead to not buying the game headstart on and wait for a steamsale. If I can't get all pre-orders, may as well wait... This shall not be a threat or in any way be a harassment, but I thought you would need feedback on the things you decide form a fan persperctive. With best regards Patze
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