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  1. josh tweeted over a half an hour ago that he and adam were waiting for the video to compress..
  2. some item management ideas.. -allow us to create and bury/hide our own loot caches/chests. with the abiility to make treasure chest maps either for ourselves or for someone else should we need/want to trade the map. -non monetary/barter-based transaction with people other than merchants such as gifting and entrusting to villagers/strangers/etc with branching friendship/betrayal options. -pack animals to carry more weight but that need to be fed and either looked after (perhaps with a villager we've befriended) or hidden while we're off fighting/exploring. other ideas..?
  3. looting their bodies and being able to use their weapons/gear during combat (with limitations/penalties). be able to use them as shields, in combat. return their bodies to their families or bury them, or carry-out wishes they made known to you before or even at the moment of dying (ex. quest to a certain lake for pyre). maybe a 'dying breath' moment after combat ends where you can check on the fallen and sometimes you find them alive long enough for them to reveal a secret or impart a request. and to have different incentives/rewards for doing these things, as well using this as a way
  4. great update, josh. already read through 5 pages of responses. awesome. regarding 'armor being tied to class' and the 'mage in plate' problem, i was thinking maybe something like this.. (following numbers used as examples) 1. allow us to make a class-free/'tabula rasa' build at character creation 2. introduce the 'age' characteristic to our builds (obsidian chooses max life-spans for each race or makes them all the same, could even generalize them like young, middle-age and wise) 3. anchor 'health & stamina' and 'mastery' (number of attributes we can max out, from 1-3) to the
  5. this was my idea for making the 15-level 'endless paths' mega-dungeon a 'shared' end-game experience of sorts. i was reading about the james egbert d & d story and the urban legend as the kickstarter was winding down and the forum started to pick up. it would utilize a searchable database of 'high-scores' via a portal through the official p:e game site (post-launch). and a file-swapping environment with obsidian at the center. anyhow, would like to hear your ideas. it was mostly just a 'design excercise'. best jude 'gygax dungeon, and dragon.' during your travels, even
  6. 24-30 months seems like a possibility. but i wouldnt have been surprised if they had just come out and said we're looking at 3 years. i know thats a hard number to tell people and i know they still have the xpacs to factor in. but 24 months to me seems like the earliest window. 18 months doesnt sound realistic to me.
  7. this was my my idea for a 'meta' dungeon. inspired by the james egbert d & d urban legend and the moral/satanic panic that was beginning to take hold in the late 70s/early 80s. http://en.wikipedia....llas_Egbert_III http://ptgptb.org/0006/egbert.html would love to hear you guys' thoughts. i think some of the criticisms of 'meta' discussed earlier in this thread certainly apply but im wondering if it has any game design merit beyond that; ie, would it be fun or interesting and/or does it even make sense and could it actually be implemented. it was just an idea that popped in my head a
  8. 'gygax dungeon, and dragon.' during your travels, even as you become a legend, you hear stories. and as you draw near the end of your quest you start to fear the worst could be true. that you've yet to face your greatest challenge. but how much have you got left? your legend can't go on forever. the whispers are that there's a man who has lured a generation of children to a cave, promising them a game to play with all the other children of the world. just as many fathers have been forced to go into the dungeon looking for their children, knowing none of the others have ever come ba
  9. from the look of things i dont imagine obsidian's going to desert us. assuming that's true, i'll be fine with whatever update schedule they feel comfortable with. i wouldnt be surprised by daily/weekly communication with them in the forums & blogs and monthly updates along with other stuff like more live streaming from the office. still can't believe this journey has begun.
  10. 'Kick Start' -at the beginning of every new game you start your character will always kick a rat out of the way before they take their first step. 'Stretch Goal' -a scene/dungeon where a person is being tortured on a rack while their tormentor(s) mockingly cheers for them to meet the next stretch goal.
  11. what is a realistic release date now that the game is going to be so much bigger? any word on if obsidian will hire more people?
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