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  1. Remember about romance with Viconia in BG2. I think one of the best romance ever.
  2. Forum is for asking questions and sharing experiences. Thank you.
  3. Any update? Can someone share some experience? I want build dual wield fighter for Path of the Damned and wonder about stats.
  4. @Dartbord You are correct. This is a strategy guide and is completely different than the Dark Horse Collector's Book. The Collector's Book is the lore and art of the game.
  5. "Skill system has changed back to a point-buy system" I LOVE YOU! :)
  6. No, I preferred the old system of buying Skills separately from Talents.
  7. So we dit it or not? We got 4mln $?? Any official announcement or info?
  8. 2.5M: - finishing moves - random big bosses (need to find them) - day/night time - adding Russian/Polish/Italian translations (2,3M) - animations of the battle - parrying, blocking, avoiding hits, etc. (2,8M)
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