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  1. Like I said, it's not a big deal just something I noticed and wanted to confirm. It feels a bit strange when everyone at the inn is standing up right beside empty chairs.
  2. Not sure if this is the appropriate subsection of the forums, but as I a BB player I've noticed a conspicuous absence of seated NPCs. Every NPC seems to be standing around, even at the inn when there are multiple stools available. The only seated NPC I think I've seen is the screenshot of Raedric's hold. While it's obviously not an essential part of the game, it does feel a bit odd. I wonder if we'll have prone NPCs laying in beds either.
  3. Lorewise, it seemed to be a per encounter ability to necessitate firearms as a response. Arcane Veil should be a per encounter ability at the least, or (time allowing) drastic tool that gives wizards a unique gameplay mechanic. I've never been a huge wizard/mage fan, but they seem pretty lackluster when compared to the other casters in PoE.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Leferd. Would I need to buy a extra digital copy for him, or would the Beta Addon be sufficient?
  5. I was just wondering if someone that preordered PoE on steam could go to http://eternity.obsidian.net/backer/addons and add the beta access? There was some confusion with a friend of mine who has just purchased PoE on steam because he saw me playing the "Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta."(really should be changed to PoE Backer Beta on steam) Any help would be most appreciated.
  6. It's been a while, but it doesn't seem that you can force attack your own party members anymore. Makes party management kind of a pain.
  7. Aumaua got a pretty nice make over. I barely got a chance to touch the last build, but it seems like per battle/encounter XP is in, as well as the codex XP. It's definitely feeling better overall. Is it just my imagination or have they made the enemy AI disengage now and again?
  8. No problem with framerates here, but it's never been a big issue on my rig. So happy they changed the skill/talent system.
  9. Works fine for me. i think the new aumaua face textures are a great improvement! Edit: Win 7 64 bit also.
  10. Thanks guys! I hope everyone has a happy, well deserved, holiday!
  11. I turned 30 in June. The earliest games I remember playing were on my father's Atari ST.
  12. -slight necro- Well, the pickpocket mechanic in those games was pretty underwhelming. I would be more than happy with a Fallout style system where you actually opened up their inventory and could take/plant items with an appropriate chance of detection. The lack of specific skills/specialization is still my greatest disappointment with PoE as it stands. I would really like to have the ability to create a non-combat focused character even if it is a sub build of a particular class. I know that one of their primary design goals was to separate combat and non-comabt skills but it feels like the non-combat skills are sorely lacking. Perhaps under each skill there could be a subset of dependent skills that one could choose at a greater point cost, or an actual skill-tree where the points that you pour into a skill are actually allocated into different aspects of that skill. This could also be addressed by having skill related talents or the equivalent of talents for skills. I know they want to get the combat right. It will take a lot of feedback to balance. I'm just hoping they take the same care with the skills.
  13. I would absolutely love a feature like this. I've always been a huge fan of the FO2/Arcanum starting modifiers during character creation. Skills would be an excellent route to go through in order to avoid hard attribute bonuses. Maybe they could expand the very small set of skills? Please?
  14. As much as I'm looking forward to Torment, this system doesn't seem right for PoE. I do appreciate the concept of broader XP rewards, though. For all those extolling the current quest xp design of PoE, I would rather a truly objective based xp system where xp nuggets aren't so closely tied to quests. I apologize for rehashing everything yet again.
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