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  1. yes I used kalakoth's minor blights just before it happened. So do I have to reload a game before I had cast it?
  2. Aloth will go through animations but no spell animation results. also he doesn't show up in the text log. When I look at the spell he cast it's as if it was never used.
  3. Game constant freezes and voice delay: work around load game disable internet. Is there a way to fix this in next patch?
  4. issue with portrait/opening inventory freezes and voice delay is still a problem after patch 1.03. How ever work around stop all internet seems to fix. Will this be looked at in the next patch? When my DRM free DVD comes will this not be a problem?
  5. Windows 7 64-bit i7-3610QM, 2.30 GHz 8GB RAM GeForce GT 650M Drivers updated and same issues as well. Has anyone heard from the dev's?
  6. Sensuki..Cheers to you . All you dedication has helped to make a difference an you should be proud of the impact you contributed to the game and community.
  7. Pool of Radiance RoMD had that also if you what the game play they have shown different ways to set up formation.
  8. Box Version of Pillars of Eternity, DRM free for Windows, Mac, or Linux, with DVD and printed manual. My understanding would be the DVD is DRM free not the digital download.
  9. 1 Boxed Copy of Pillars of Eternity This tier includes: Box Version of Pillars of Eternity, DRM free for Windows, Mac, or Linux, with DVD and printed manual. Digital download of the Cooking with Tim Cookbook – An RPG-themed e-Cookbook. Digital download of the making of Pillars of Eternity Documentary. Digital Novella by Chris Avellone. Digital High-Res Game Map. Digital High-Res Concept Art Pieces. Wallpapers for Multiple Monitors. Pillars of Eternity Themed Ringtones. Digital Downloadable Soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC. Digital Collector's Book.
  10. Did anyone notice the stronghold status text Calisca returns to stronghold? the fighter from the start of the game.
  11. Calisa was in the stronghold text could this be the same one as from the starting camp?
  12. the Pike and like items that give extended reach can be used from behind allies for protection. Do the extended reach have an advantage when it's one on one, such as keeping your opponent with a shorter weapon from hitting that often?
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