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  1. Remember about romance with Viconia in BG2. I think one of the best romance ever.
  2. Forum is for asking questions and sharing experiences. Thank you.
  3. Any update? Can someone share some experience? I want build dual wield fighter for Path of the Damned and wonder about stats.
  4. @Dartbord You are correct. This is a strategy guide and is completely different than the Dark Horse Collector's Book. The Collector's Book is the lore and art of the game.
  5. "Skill system has changed back to a point-buy system" I LOVE YOU! :)
  6. No, I preferred the old system of buying Skills separately from Talents.
  7. So we dit it or not? We got 4mln $?? Any official announcement or info?
  8. 2.5M: - finishing moves - random big bosses (need to find them) - day/night time - adding Russian/Polish/Italian translations (2,3M) - animations of the battle - parrying, blocking, avoiding hits, etc. (2,8M)
  9. Finishing moves in DA were pretty awesome. Want them in PE.
  10. @pipboy2000 High five. Agree with you in 100%. If we want firearms in fantasy world it should be only represented by magic. NO GUNPOWDER, NO PISTOLS, NO RIFLES, NO BULLETS.
  11. Oh God why?? Why firearms in PE?? Dont want to play fantasy game mixes with steampunk ....;[ It should be a game like BG or ID. Truly fantasy world.
  12. Never. Fantasy games shouldnt have any firearms! And yes, I dont like Arcanum.
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