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  1. Thanks ! Download just finished... looking forward to scratching my head for character creation. Hard it is !
  2. Downloading the game right now. I've played all IE games since they came out and just finished my last playthrough of BG2 last week. Should I go on hard or expert ?
  3. Yes all is fine. Steam downloads the files, but they are encrypted till the time of the release. Once it is out there is just a small download and the game is ready, but then there should be a patch too, which will need to be downloaded as well. Thanks ! That was my guess as well. I was simply surprised to not even having access to basic info like the size of the game files directory. Thanks to Aarionn as well
  4. Just logged on to get the nice surprise (key !). Steam tells me: "Pillars of Eternity - Pre-load complete; unrel...". However, I can't verify the local content to see if the game truly downloaded since I get the message "Content still encrypted". I'm sort of a noob concerning pre-loading games, is everything fine with the situation I describe. Thanks in advance
  5. Although I don't agree, I can understand that. That being said, I think they did their best and did an awesome job with the whole development process and dialogue with the fans/backers. Well i do not think they did their best with many things. I think they were just not considering things. If planned and prepared it would be possible to ship games to everyone on release day (+/- a day or so). It would be possible for backers to claim their keys weeks before release. But they are a small team and probably very busy. If it were not for Paradox who could have helped them with that which
  6. It's one thing to talk about a TOPIC. And a whole different thing to talk about PERSONS. Stick to basic civilty instead of calling other peope names, ok? Let me rephrase. The lack of patience exhibited by some posters in this thread resembles that of over-sugared five year olds. I don't mean this as an insult, but as a factual observation having seen my share of kids with no patience. Underlying message: waiting a few days *before* the official release is not a big deal. My serious suggestion: if the waiting is making you rage, go do something else to get your mind off this and vent so
  7. Although I don't agree, I can understand that. That being said, I think they did their best and did an awesome job with the whole development process and dialogue with the fans/backers.
  8. Jesus, have you even ever been to the RSI forums? (And I guarantee my citizen # is higher than yours...) Your complete lack of self-awareness is almost awe-inspiring.... Most likely - I didn't sign up to the website till closer to the end of the KS campaign. I had the opportunity to have been a Golden Ticket holder but didn't think it would have meant much. And yeah the RSI forums aren't always happy - but it's engaged which is a key difference. But you know what I've said my piece those who disagree have that option - those that feel the same as I do aren't going to h
  9. Not going to get into a language argument on the word entitled (it has multiple meanings and different countries/societies will use it differently) I know Obsidian is going no where - but by voicing my nonacceptance of their behavior hopefully in the future they will either learn or ignore it - if they're better people they will learn if they don't then thats their consequences to bare. Lets all be completely honest here - not one person here would have been upset in any way shape or form getting their KS editions early. Am I right? is there anyone who would have turned around and yell
  10. The guy has a "Gracie jiu jitsu" tag in his avatar and is throwing a fit because he doesn't have a key yet. I suggested he go roll on the mats and do some bjj (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) to get his mind off things. Don't see anything wrong with that.
  11. Seriously ? Extrapolate much ? Tomorrow if it rains, is it because Obsidian wanted to ruin your day ?
  12. I'm considering picking up a new skill, like knitting while waiting for key. Seriously, they said Monday or Tuesday, lettuce wait and see.
  13. I loved BG 1-2 with all their flaws, partly because of the Forgotten Realms setting, but also because of the general atmosphere/story in these games. I find it pretty funny that people playing the game 10 years after its release critique gameplay and other aspects that are clearly linked to the time the game was published and which are "easy fix" issues. Why not talk about gameplay in Donkey Kong while we're at it ? Also, lots of people extrapolating statements about BG to statements about BioWare as a whole. I generally dislike post-EA BioWare, but what in the hell does that have
  14. Also, if my memory serve's me right, in 4th edition rules and later, when the Tarrasque's HP go below a certain level, it simply goes back to it's lair and sleeps (assuming this happens on the Prime Material Plane).
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