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  1. Same issue for me. I've tried 2 times, each time I got no gold at all. I've sent 2 letters to support@obsidian.net today. My mail - mrakvampire@yandex.ru
  2. Nor call it Pathfinder (unless you have the license, as Obsidian does now), nor d20, nor -- unless you want to risk a lawsuit -- point out that your ruleset is, in fact, a clone. But yes, other than that, you could. Which is what I've been saying all along. I hope that after PoE we will see Pathfinder cRPG from Obsidian
  3. Basically it means that you can have Pathfinder RPG rules in cRPG and can't use WOTC trademarks like beholders and mind flayers.
  4. Yes, I know, I've said, that I decided to remove myself from this forum, but this post is very intersting. :3 Basically, my question is - are you 100% sure? I've read OGL, checked Paizo forums - nobody knows anything about restriction to use OGL in computer games.
  5. You've never played D&D, right? You talk like you have absolutely NO IDEA of how that system work, right? You've never seen moderate STR, but high DEX fighters. Never seen Fighters that have decent INT, cause there were a lot of abilities tied to Combat Expertise feat chain? Why I'm talking to you at all, if you like to talk about things, that you even don't have remote understanding? No there could be no balance between stats. Never. Some stats are more usefull for certain class, some stats are less usefull, but there is never a situation that every 10 fighters in order to be optimized will have same stats. Absolutely not, cause beyond main role (fighter) there are 10s of subroles that require different stats. Two-handed damage dealer fighter is one type, dual-wealding fighter is another type, archer-fighter is third type, spellcater-bane fighter is 4th type, tank fighter is 5th type, battlefield controller is 6th type... Oh, hell. I'll leave forums for a while and just wait for PoE release. If devs have some brains, they will make changes. If not - ok, I've already paid for that game, and I will probably play it, but I will definitely not support 'addon' or 'expansion' kickstarter. Bottom line, right now, this confusing, non-intuitive system will not add more buyers to this game, thats for sure.
  6. You've never played melee in Fallout? Low Int characters? You are saying it like... I don't know... maybe you imply that it's somehow bad idea to pump assosiated with your role attribute? Oh no, guys, I can't continue this... :D
  7. I thought luck was generally considered a tier one stat? Not that it really invalidates your point, I guess: it didn't have the greatest stat balance. Stat balance? Guys, are you serious? Stat balance??? Don't make me laugh so hard, it's painful already. There is and never was aim to make ahem... "balanced" game. Balance is required in cybersport, guys, not in single-player cRPG.
  8. I'm just curious... Ok, defenders of genious new Obsidian rpg system say we all are D&D fanboys. When I made an example of Fallout system I was told that Fallout has advantage of being tied to... badum-tsss... realistic world. Ok, not problem. Introducing... ARCANUM. Why, oh, why Arcanum developers hasn't got this genious idea to apply Strength to Mage's spells in that old wonderful game. It would be so innovative!
  9. No, I fully understand that. The problem with might is that it's abstract while the other attributes are concrete. The thing is souls aren't abstract in this world, nor are the ways they tie in to your overall physical condition/abilities. Oh, in this world souls have muscles, I guess. And there will be 2 portraits in the game - one for my character, another for my soul?
  10. Usage of these attributes doesn't honor IE tradition at all (cause it's so badly implemented, that Dragon Age 2 stats look like ideal standard of rpg system compared to this), so that guy should have dropped them entirely.
  11. It seems that I actually need hamster-human translator... some ppl even don't try to understand what's the issue with current system
  12. Please change stat system to more classic and easy-to-understand type.
  13. lol. I've played Baldur's Gate when I was 13. I played PST when I was 14. And I managed to understand everything. So. The question is... no, no question. Then why is it so hard to understand now? Cause it's difficult to undestand why in order to hurl powerfull fireballs my wizards should be like Arnold Schwarzenegger - both good at melee and spells. Why? It simply DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. That's why neither I, nor a lot of people understand this system. If I don't understand what exactly stat means - how can I relate to my character? How can you describe person with high 'Might' stat? When it comes to classic self-explanatory stats, let's say, in Fallout.... We have: Strength - high strength means my character is strong, he has muscles, like Terminator Perception - also self-explanatory. With hight PER my character can see and hear better, is more focused, and alert. Endurance - also (!) self-explanatory. How tough is my character. It doesn't give strange bonuses to random attribute only to make it more viable - everything IS LOGICAL. Same with all other stats. LUCK (self-explanatory), AGILITY - also... etc... And this is not D&D at all. It's an example of good, logical, easy to understand system, where all stats affect only those aspects of character that is logical.
  14. Of course not. But it was obvious for me, when I was 13, that Strength applies to how hard I hit with my axe, and Charisma applies how good I'm at interactions. Later, I've found out, that Charisma basically affects only minority of things in game, so it can be dumped, still I've never done this from RP purposes. Nevertheless fact, that Charisma is used rarily in BG doesn't mean that system overall is unbalanced, it means only that developers should have added more Charisma checks in game. That's all.
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