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  1. Call it what you want then, but right now the game is too easy on the higher difficulties and some classes are ridiculously better than others, and these things should be addressed because they ultimately limit the fun that is to be had with the game. Some classes are ridiculously better than others. If i happen to play such a class: 1. How i am affecting your single player experience with different class ??? 2. Obsidian will nerf this class in future and ruin my game experience and my fun, based on your "balanced" view. Lets pretend you play some class as main character. I wi
  2. Word "balance" in single player RPG is becoming the worse thing happening in gaming industry.....
  3. Agree. So far the ship replacement for fort in Poe1 is just joke. I just do not understand why Obsidian is going from one extreme (Fort in Poe1) to another extreme (in PoE2).
  4. They are all very bad choices in my book. Wizard, Druid, Priest absolutely need single class to max power level and number of encounter spell resources. Only Paladin + cipher will probably not be crippled.
  5. I would just replace the whole system with traditional spell books from BG2 (for Wizard, Druid, Priest) with following changes: Spell book will now have 2 types of spell slots. (think memorization slots for spells) One per rest slot and another one per encounter slot. Number of per encounter slots will be small per level ( 1 or 2 encounterSlots.) This will give spellcasters couple of spells for every fight and keeping traditional rest mechanic and spell preparation/memorization. This would be 100% better then current messy iteration v2 for spellcasters.
  6. Is attacking the other ships (different factions, not pirates) on sea considered ok? Do somebody know if there is reputation cost or down the road some nasty surprise from that faction?
  7. Its possible to choose companion abilities? (First time they party?). I mean do the companion join party at level 1 and you have option to manually level up.
  8. My guess is multiclass system. Creating Fighter/Wizard combo and then one stat is increasing damage of both weapons and spells. Its weird...
  9. Ha ha. Lets assume you want to write scripted interaction with option of physical strong character doing something. Please give me different attribute to use... You can not. This is exactly what was wrong with that attribute in PoE.
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wko92v7m6lrumjq/85eb772adff44baeb8549a5000971504%2017675465%20Copperlane.savegame?dl=0 My main Wizard was affected in patch 1.0.3, and it still continues in patch 1.0.4 I have verified that equipping prone reduction belt in patch 1.0.4 no longer introduces the bug for characters which were clear. (does not equipped item with this mod in past)
  11. I have opposite problem. My prone effects are always casted at 0.0 second for some characters. Those that had equipped item with prone reduction mod in past. This started in 1.03 version and keeps in 1.04 patch (GOG) Could you please send me email address where i can send save-game, if you are interested?
  12. My main PC Wizard and M-Mother are casting prone effects with 0.0 second duration on normal, graze, critical hits...after equipping item with prone reduction mod (belt). It happen in 1.03... After installing 1.04 patch the issue still there. Aloth is casting prone effect normally...We does not equip the belt of Stealgaer at any time in past saves. I was waiting 2 weeks for patch 1.04 to fix this issue. Is it really so hard to test the code changes?
  13. Pre-buffing is only problem if there is really no cost and there is too many options (too many of pre-buff spells). For example: i will alter Stoneskin spell to be long pre-buff with following effect: +10 DR, 20% recovery penalty Would you automatically use this pre-buff ? Maybe you would only pick it for Shadows,Shades enemies. Maybe somebody else have different style of playing and will use such a spell all the time. Pre-buffing is not automatically wrong or good. What really matters how its implemented. However i feel that easy solutions (removing all pre-buffs from the game)
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