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  1. As much as I love my cipher, it would appear that amplified wave is bugged. The prone effect caused by the spell lasts indefinitely, as can be seen by these two screenshots showing an hour of game time in between them. This unfortunately makes the spell incredibly overpowered. This occurs on v 1.03.530 from GOG. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  2. Description: This is a guess at a bug, but when completing Ferry Floatsam the hero LOSES minor reputation with Defiance Bay. This seems to be a mistake. Description: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  3. In Od Nua level 3 there appears to be an unassailable enemy amongst the Ogres. Clicking on the target does nothing. Fireballing it does nothing. Whispering sweet nothings to it does nothing. This is with patch 1.03 Screenshot
  4. Description: Casting mental binding on a troll twice triggers a graphical error. I've only noticed this to occur when the second mental binding is cast thile the first is still active. The actual distortion grows with time (even when the game is paused), and disappears when the troll is killed. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Cast mental binding on Troll. Cast it again before the duration of the first cast is over. Important Files: DXDiag Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
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