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  1. HEre a topic that got more answers: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99672-melee-wizard-multiclass-or-single/
  2. So since i‘m getting annoyed by all those unconstructive posts let‘s collect our ideas in this thread for a better deadfire experience on higher difficulty levels. Most likely the developers thought of most of the stuff but maybe if tons of people post their ideas here it‘ll help the developers. Just post your idea with a short explanation. Plz no discussions just post your ideas. If you want to discuss stuff go to this thread https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97067-difficulty-above-path-of-the-damned/ Make food/resting more scarce: since you can remove injuries, curses, hangovers and
  3. There is some special food you can craft/eat as corpse eater but it doesn't seem so much stronger than the regular food.
  4. Ah right i only tested on serafen and attacks on party members don't generate focus. That's actually a significant difference if you don't attack from max focus (esp. with draining whip).
  5. Hello, i asked the question myself a few hours ago but since nobody answered the question i tested it a bit for myself. Maybe other people here find it interesting/usefull. What doesn't change the Damage: - Type of Penetration: over- , under- or just normal penetration - Type of Hit: Ofc a miss deals no damage but graze, hit and crit have no influence - The Damage and Speed of the Weapon you attack with What does change the Damage 100%: - Might Bonus - Weapon Quality Damage Bonus (Fine, Superb etc.) What does most likely change the Damage but i didn't/couldn't test it: -
  6. So I’m playing a single class soulblade and wonder how it is exactly calculated. - How much raw damage per focus - how does the normal attack roll influence the damage (type of penetration, hit, miss, crit etc., modifiers (might, soulwhip, etc.))?
  7. I have to say i liked PoE 1 and wanted to love it but never actually managed to finish it because it got kind of boring about 2/3 through. I don't know if it will be the same with Deadfire but until now im absolutely blown away. The voice acting, the atmospheric graphics, the story (much better pacing and motivating until now) and above all the new class systems and combat. Everything is so much smoother. It's much more motivating to fidle with your class build and not oh i just got all spells for that level and don't know what 3/4 of them do nor will i ever use them. Also the combat is r
  8. Oh bummer. CohhCarnage Screenshots only showed the upper part of the skill description.
  9. So the Shred Spell Death of 1000 Cuts says: Target when damaged 31 raw damage. If i shot a target with this debuff with a blunderbuss and all 5 bullets hit does that mean he gets 5x31 raw damage and the duration gets increased by 50s ?
  10. I know its not optimal but instead of importing your save you could just customize your backstory with the same decisions you made in your PoE PT but change your Aloth decision.
  11. Hello, short question: Does the full attack work with dual pistols? I never saw an animation for firing two pistols at the same time in the beta videos?
  12. Just my thoughts on this topic since i have wondered about stats myself since im playing a 2-hand bleak walker. I'm playing on PotD. Stat importance: 1. Might: 2-Handed weapon have high base damage and benefit more from a damage increase than fast weapons. Fast weapons attack faster of course but they get dimishing returns per hit becasue of DR. 2. Resolve: I wondered a while if dexterity or resolve is more important. But i think resolve is more beneficial for most melee dpss. It gives deflection, will and conc and can thus also be seen as an increase in DPS/Attack Speed. Since you have
  13. Ah ok. Damn i really don't want lay on hands for my bleak walker and i really wanted deprive the unworthy :/.
  14. I just hit level 7 with my bleak walker paladin. Shouldn't i be able to choose the ability deprive the unworthy or is the wiki incorrect?
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