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  1. HEre a topic that got more answers: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99672-melee-wizard-multiclass-or-single/
  2. So since i‘m getting annoyed by all those unconstructive posts let‘s collect our ideas in this thread for a better deadfire experience on higher difficulty levels. Most likely the developers thought of most of the stuff but maybe if tons of people post their ideas here it‘ll help the developers. Just post your idea with a short explanation. Plz no discussions just post your ideas. If you want to discuss stuff go to this thread https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97067-difficulty-above-path-of-the-damned/ Make food/resting more scarce: since you can remove injuries, curses, hangovers and regain empower with the plainest of food. Maybe let it only work with processed/crafted food and also you need higher quality food the higher level you are. Normal food till lvl 5 positive food 5+ very positive food 10+ etc. Having to actually worry about those two injuries and the -8 might curse or even about your party member permanently dying makes the game already harder. Less empower points per level on higher difficulties this would also make the +1 empower point talent usefull together with the food changes and you would have really to think about how to spent your points (metagaming), imo PotD shouldn't be actually doable on your first run at least not in a way that is fun XD Make stuff more expensive so you really have to think when and what you upgrade Make it so the only possible way to play PotD is with (ofc working) upwards scaling so you always have to fight encounters at your level or higher (I actually felt the game was decently balanced as long as you fought encounters at your level or higher add inuries and curses and scarce empower attacks to that and you already have a much more challenging experience So now an idea that is harder to implement. You have created such an elegant an awesome system with the affliction/inspiration stuff but when i'm playing the game i hardly ever have to think about it. Change encounters in a way you really have to understand this sytem and have to play it to "own" encounters. Enemies should use much more Inspirations on themselves and Afflictions on you. What i wouldn't like to see: Nerfing/changing class abilities and passives too much. Surely there needs to be some balancing done. But don't nerf it to hard. I really love the core of the game. For lots of people it's fun to be op especially people who like to play on lower difficulties. Also i personally like to be OP sporadically even if i'm playing on PotD but you should have to be careful when to be op Also some ideas for QoL improvement: If you open your map make it so you can travel instantly to any point of interest you have already visited without having to walk to the border of a map. This would also improve the problem of changing your party a bit since your boat is always only one click away Let us always watch the skill tree of our classes. This has already been stated a lot. Just give us a button to open the skilltree in our character screen
  3. There is some special food you can craft/eat as corpse eater but it doesn't seem so much stronger than the regular food.
  4. Ah right i only tested on serafen and attacks on party members don't generate focus. That's actually a significant difference if you don't attack from max focus (esp. with draining whip).
  5. Hello, i asked the question myself a few hours ago but since nobody answered the question i tested it a bit for myself. Maybe other people here find it interesting/usefull. What doesn't change the Damage: - Type of Penetration: over- , under- or just normal penetration - Type of Hit: Ofc a miss deals no damage but graze, hit and crit have no influence - The Damage and Speed of the Weapon you attack with What does change the Damage 100%: - Might Bonus - Weapon Quality Damage Bonus (Fine, Superb etc.) What does most likely change the Damage but i didn't/couldn't test it: - Whip damage (pretty sure about that because i considered the whip damage bonus when calculating the base damage of soul annahilation) - Boni from passives like Backstab etc. So after accounting for the additive percentage based boni SA attack with 10 Focus dealed 10 Damage. Every focus point after that gave 0.5 Damage. So with 20 Focus you deal 15 Damage with 30 Focus 20 etc.. My first conclusions are: - Since SA is a primary attack it's better to use it together with a big damage weapon (e.g. 2-hand sowerd with modal) if you have slower focus generation and big multipliers. But not because it changes SA damage but you most likely make your attack with as much multipliers as possible (e.g. backstab) so you want the damage of your weapon attack as high as possible. That's the case for most mulitclasses that will alternate bewtween one high damage attack to generate focus und SA - If you have really high focus generation (e.g. draining whip or reaping knives later) and no conditional multipliers (single class soulblade) it might be better to use SA with a a fast small weapon since penetration doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that you don't waste any focus. - If you spam SA you only want as much accuracy so you make sure you don't miss and waste all your resources. But you don't want to invest more since really high accuracy doesn't do anything for you since crit don't increase SA damage. So rapier might be a good weapon for my single class cipher since it's the fastest together with other small weapons but if you get an enemy with rly high defenses you can active it's modal for much higher accuracy. - If SA counts as shred cipher spell it would have really nice synergy with the high PL spell death by 1000 Cuts - Multiclass soulblades might want as much accuracy as they can get since they want that juicy 20% crit and 30% overpenetration bonus for their big 2-handed hits So that are my findings/thoughts so far. Feel free to add/correct stuff.
  6. So I’m playing a single class soulblade and wonder how it is exactly calculated. - How much raw damage per focus - how does the normal attack roll influence the damage (type of penetration, hit, miss, crit etc., modifiers (might, soulwhip, etc.))?
  7. I have to say i liked PoE 1 and wanted to love it but never actually managed to finish it because it got kind of boring about 2/3 through. I don't know if it will be the same with Deadfire but until now im absolutely blown away. The voice acting, the atmospheric graphics, the story (much better pacing and motivating until now) and above all the new class systems and combat. Everything is so much smoother. It's much more motivating to fidle with your class build and not oh i just got all spells for that level and don't know what 3/4 of them do nor will i ever use them. Also the combat is really improved. It feels much more impactful and direct without loosing the tacical side of it.
  8. Oh bummer. CohhCarnage Screenshots only showed the upper part of the skill description.
  9. So the Shred Spell Death of 1000 Cuts says: Target when damaged 31 raw damage. If i shot a target with this debuff with a blunderbuss and all 5 bullets hit does that mean he gets 5x31 raw damage and the duration gets increased by 50s ?
  10. I know its not optimal but instead of importing your save you could just customize your backstory with the same decisions you made in your PoE PT but change your Aloth decision.
  11. Hello, short question: Does the full attack work with dual pistols? I never saw an animation for firing two pistols at the same time in the beta videos?
  12. Just my thoughts on this topic since i have wondered about stats myself since im playing a 2-hand bleak walker. I'm playing on PotD. Stat importance: 1. Might: 2-Handed weapon have high base damage and benefit more from a damage increase than fast weapons. Fast weapons attack faster of course but they get dimishing returns per hit becasue of DR. 2. Resolve: I wondered a while if dexterity or resolve is more important. But i think resolve is more beneficial for most melee dpss. It gives deflection, will and conc and can thus also be seen as an increase in DPS/Attack Speed. Since you have higher defense and concentration you get hit less often and if you do get hit you get interrupted less often and attack more often than a char with lower res. Since my Paladin is often tanking hits when hes flanking the enemies my fighter is engaging i prefer it to dexterity 3. Dexterity: Also nice to have. Imo dexterity is superior if you can make sure your DPS doesn't get hit. Only than you eliminate the disadvantage of lower def/will and have really higher dps. I guess you could make calculations with what would be a close to optimal combination of dex/resolve for your melee dps if you assume some sensible average attacks with average accuracy with average interrupt value per fight on your character if you can't max both. Since i'm lazy and it's my first playthrough i went for the more defensive/safer choice and kept dex at 10 and maxed might and res since i considered all the other stats (Per:def, Int: dur, ae, Con: you got good hp gain as paladin) not worth dropping under 10 with paladin. For warrior i imagine you can drop int since you don't have much buffs or abilities whose duration gets influenced by int and raise dex instead.
  13. Ah ok. Damn i really don't want lay on hands for my bleak walker and i really wanted deprive the unworthy :/.
  14. I just hit level 7 with my bleak walker paladin. Shouldn't i be able to choose the ability deprive the unworthy or is the wiki incorrect?
  15. Is anyone else slightly annoyed that the talent doesn't turn your whole bonus damage to corrode? It doesn't make sense to me it only adds a small portion of corrode damage since it even alterantes the graphicals style of flames of devotion. Also there would be a neat synergy with spirit of decay which isn't worthwhile to pick for only 25% bonus damage. I don't think it would be overpowered or anything.
  16. Hi, just played through the beta after a while one time with rogue and one time with paladin. I really wanted to like paladin but he feels a bit boring to be honest. Here are some two quick suggestions i came up with while playing: - Make the remember rhakan fields talent to turn the whole damage into corrode not just add corrode damage on top (maybe even change the graphics for the skill for a more dark vibe for bleakwalker path) so it also has some nice synergy with spirit of decay - If the paladin just isnt meant to be to have so much active skills at least give him a way to increase the number of uses by talents (a talent to change the lay on hands skill from per rest to per encounter and a talent to increase the uses of flames of devotion like the warrior has for knockdown)
  17. Well exploration is encouraged mostly by loot you may find/enemies may drop or a new quest line you may discover. At least i guess that's how it is for most people.
  18. I thought a while about the current exp system. I like new approaches so i also like the new attribute system and want to give the exp only by quests a chance. What many people seem to forget when they complain about killing enemies giving no exp is that they give loot. Exp points are nothing more then an abstraction for the characters progress so killing 10 beetles results maybe in 2% more damage or so. The new exp mechanics allows the developers to tune the lvl system better towards encounters/quests so they feel better/balanced when actually playing them as well as kind of capping the max lvl and defining the classes within their maximum reachable level very well (abilities and talents). What happens if you give exp for killing stuff. You have to implement either an open level cap which results in maybe crappy character development in the later levels. Or you keep an artificial level cap which results in two scenarios: Either you grind stuff and are too strong/capped relative to your encounters relatively early or you play "normal" to have the experience the developers intended. Only that its a lot more difficult for the developers to balance their encounters since the power margin of the given player that does quests varies a lot more because you can't control when and what stuff he kills (you already can't control in which order the player will sovle quests since it isn't strictly linear i guess). I know there a some players who enjoy to feel powerful compared to their ai enemies (nothing wrong with that) and/or enjoy grinding (when its has some motivation attached to it). Here comes the loot into play. If most (in a perfect world) all enemies drop loot that either gives you money to buy more powerful stuff or even better craft stuff like potions/food and gear which improves yourself. And i actually think the developers intend it that way. So if you just want to experience the story and encounter challenging well designed encounters you can just do your quests and level up with the xp and buy/craft new stuff from the quests rewards and stuff you had to kill doing so. But if you enjoy powergaming/grinding you can still slaughter sh*t tons of enemies and grow much faster in power relative to your enemies. (Selling stuff and buying legendary gear and crafting stuff yourself).
  19. Another pretty simple solution would be to merge resolve and perception into a new attribute that could be called presence or sth. The attributes are already a little bit more abstract (esp. might). Why not just use an attribute that gives concentration and interruption and uses the dialogue options that were formerly used by resolve and perception. You could also fine tune the dialogue options where they don't make sense with the new attribute and give them another attribute or skill. Edit: I don't know how important it is to people to have 6 attributes though.
  20. I think the attributes in PoE are a little bit more abstract (at least some of them). For me it makes sense from a mechanical point of view but part of my brain that is conditioned towards str=melee damage int= magic dam etc. has some problems with it. Nothing comes for free and you will either have less abstract attributes that force each class into a certain distribution of stats to be viable or those more abstract stats that allow e.g. a barbarian that does less damage but in a larger area and has access to intellect dialogue options. I actually prefer the system as it is. Especially since you have your skills to flesh out your character more. My intellegent barbarian would maybe still skill mostly athletics and not lore and my might wizzward would focus on lore.
  21. How do i access the stash without using camping supplies? Is there a place somewhere that si considered a resting place?
  22. So when i access my stash in a non resting place and try to move an item from the stash to my party inventory anyways the mouse icon stays that symbol and i can't quit the inventory menu anymore. The game doesn't crash but you can't exit the menu anymore or use it properly.
  23. Had this problems too. Twice directly after character creation i realized during my first fight that my wizzard was missing his grimoire. Another time a talisman of my main character disappeared that happened directly after loading a game i quicksaved.
  24. I actually don't think combat is that bad. I felt exactly like most of the people when i played it for the first time. The second time i still had some issues but i all made more sense and now playing it the third time the combat feels actually very rewarding, tactical and i feel like i'm in control and it isn't to fast anymore for me. (Actually i thought the devs already made some adjustments maybe?). Like some other poster said i think it would work better if you start with a lvl 1 character and slowly increase your party size. Stuff that really bothers me (that isn't already in the known issues thread): - Maybe a little bit better hit/miss feedback - Looting doesn't work correctly it seems. You always have to move your party again before you can click on the loot. - An autopause feature where the game pauses when one of your characters has finished casting a spell
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