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  1. Spiritshift weapons are unfortunately not unarmed, but do not have a weapon type either (so there's no way for Devoted to be proficient with them). That's not to say that Druid/Monk is bad, but it doesn't get anything from the monk's unarmed damage bonus.
  2. The Corpse-Eater Barbarian is a subclass I like in theory, but not practice. The primary problems are as follows: +1 Rage cost is an overwhelmingly bad penalty. Especially when multiclassed, this might mean you can only frenzy once unless you get a chance to eat something. The actual granted ability "Flesh Communion" is kind of not great. It's limited to 2 uses/encounter, and has a fairly long cast time and recovery. As far as modding goes, fixing point #2 is fairly easy. The engine doesn't seem to like class abilities with no usage type, but getting it to unlimited uses, a reasonable cast ti
  3. I know Pillars 1 had the infamous Wildstrike Belt, but I haven't seen anything that helps out spiritshifted druids in the items for Pillars 2. Is there something I'm missing, or did they get left out to dry?
  4. The easiest way to remove the confuse would probably be removing the status effect entry for confuse from "Frenzy_Berserker" and the corresponding upgrades. "32ba648f-2aaf-4301-b4af-7f4fc3a6dbfb" is the id for the baseline confusion effect (Frenzy_SE_BerserkerConfused). Blood Frenzy, Spirit Frenzy, Blood Storm, and Spirit Tornado all have their own version defined separately; removing these entries from the status effect lists of the corresponding abilities should prevent confusion without causing other side effects..
  5. As long as you have a unique value, I believe the ID can be whatever you want. If you don't want to come up with one yourself, someone linked https://www.uuidgenerator.net/ in another thread.
  6. Long-term, you'd probably want to make an override rather than changing the files directly, but changing them does work to get started. You'd have to find the entry for the talent you want, then change it to whatever you needed. In "abilities.gamedatabundle" you would have to find whatever ability you're looking for, and change the 'UsageType' from 'PerRest' to 'PerEncounter'.
  7. All of the spiritshift forms attack using the "Unarmed_Punch_01" animation (35abdf41-fc3f-4310-8d5d-5d7da644affc in attacks.gamedatabundle), which is defined on a per-model basis. This value is also in attacks, under the entry for their weapon damage. As for changing this, you might have to do some experimentation.
  8. I think the answer to one of my questions was hidden in the other. Flesh Communion gets that extra use from the "ModifyResourceCost" effect of their subclass. It seems like that effect just adds to the "cost" value on class skills, but on abilities that are per encounter that value is instead uses and not cost. For the other part, it seems that the engine does not like class skills with unlimited uses. Defining it as not a class skill seems to work, but I'll probably have to do more testing before I can say it doesn't horribly break things. Thankfully, no enemies use this skill or any
  9. The ".gamedatabundle" files are just text files containing JSON. They have no line breaks, so pulling out one thing is annoying unless you reformat them, but it's fairly simple.
  10. The Barbarian corpse-eater subclass is thematically interesting but mechanically not great at the moment. The biggest problem is that their drawback is gigantic. +1 Rage cost means that you are significantly more limited in ability usage compared to a no-subclass barbarian. In addition, Flesh Communion is limited to 2/encounter. While this will get you 6 more rage if you can do it, it has a cast time and recovery all on its own. If you're not fighting things you can eat, it's completely worthless, but that's the expected downside to the subclass. Attempting to address the easier parts of t
  11. Could be really great for a non-shifter druid who wants to be in melee for some reason. Keep in mind that if you use spiritshift you'll lose the armor's bonus.
  12. Despite being listed as 1/Encounter in the code, I find it's 2/encounter in-game. In fact, if I change it, it ends up being one higher than whatever I specify. I haven't yet figured out where this use is coming from.
  13. For shifter it's 22 seconds baseline, increased by power level and intelligence. Investing in Intelligence is really important for that reason, because 22 seconds is just not long enough with how long recovery takes in this game.
  14. I finally got around to checking this in the console. Health gain from unshifting (as Shifter), ability duration, and the boar passive health gain all scale with power level. The actual damage done by a shapeshifted druid is determined by the weapons, which have the "Scaling" property. This seems to give them a 15% damage bonus every 4 real levels, starting at level 5. Armor is simpler: Bear armor starts at 10, everything else at 8; these increase by 1 every 4 levels (starting at 5, again). I don't know if +60% damage at high levels is good enough, but it's certainly not nothing.
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