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  1. Nice try but no dice, when i try to mod it that way i got an error saying that it can't load up map info and move me to the main menu every time. I try to change the duration of those status to 0 and see if they work, wish me luck.
  2. So it is possible to remove the confuse status from berserker subclass or not? And where can i find this trader table you talking about?
  3. Anybody know how or where to remove subclass penalty? I been looking all over the game data folder but still don't know how or where to modify such change. I know that i needed to change some number in ships.gamedatabundle to modify ship stats (HP, sail speed, medicine, ship repair), my question is which ship am i suppose to change? Example of this are SHP_Junk_Backer_1, SHP_Junk_Base, SHP_Junk_Doryga etc... Which ship should i modify to only affect my ship and not the enemies ship?
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