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  1. There is a mod called "Al amir spellbook" or something like that, on the Nexus. It has a custom spell that involves summoning, if you were to look through those mod files I'm sure you'd learn something to get you started.
  2. In "characters.gamedatabundle", under "Player_New_Game", changing PropsIDs to "PropsIDs": ["6aecd067-2767-46e4-9c2f-f78692f84fb8"] seems to make it work for new characters. I dont know how to make it work for existing characters though.
  3. So if you want to use the normal hawk as a ranger pet, the most straightforward way of going about it is to create a ranger, select some pet, and then use the console to manually remove the pet you selected, and manually add the gunhawk. If you dont want to disable achievements, you can probably use the Unity Console mod. Alternatively, you can try this test mod I just made. With it, you should be able to create a new ranger character and be able to select the bird pet right from the start. I am not an experienced modder, however, and cannot guarantee that this will work flawlessly. I did give it a quick try though, and it seems to work as it should. To install it, download the file and change it from "test.txt" to "test.gamedatabundle", then go into PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override\, make a new folder in the override folder (name it whatever you want), and put "test.gamedatabundle" in that new folder. test.txt
  4. I would like Aloths idle pose on my main watcher character, but have not been able to find anything related to these poses in the gamedatabundle files. Any ideas? EDIT: literally 10 seconds after posting this, I found it in characters.gamedatabundle. For people who want to replicate this, search for "Companion_Aloth_Personality" and set "AvailableInCharacterCreation" to true.
  5. If you pick up the Ngati idol, you can confront the priestess at the shrine about the curse
  6. It was sufficient to change the AnimationStanceComponent under "Druid_Wolf" in the items gamedatabundle. I changed the value to 3 (from 5 iirc) and it works.
  7. I found out the reason nothing was working, was because I was keeping backups of the original gamebundle files in a folder within gamedata. Apparently, this caused the changes I made to not register, because when I moved the backup folder to my desktop everything worked as intended. If anyone else is having troubles with changes they are making not showing up in game, this may be why. Move your backups to outside the game folder. Cheers
  8. I would like to change the attack animation of Spiritshift Wolf into those of Spiritshift Cat, and have been messing around with statuseffects.gamedatabundle, items.gamedatabundle and attacks.gamedatabundle, but with no success. Any help?
  9. So far, I know that the Gunner talent lowers reload speed. Does dexterity affect it too? Any other talents/spells/abilities that affect it?
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