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  1. Right, was looking for a build that gives me a bit of a challenge in potd without being total useless and without being super OP either, I think I found my build for my first playthrough.
  2. Did you tried something like that in potd? Maybe chanter beckoner/berath priest? I'm at work now but man that sounds evil with the whole summon and plague theme
  3. Hello folks, Did anyone tried a cipher+wizard build in PotD? The enchanting stuff from the wizard and the strong casts from cipher (the charming for example) sounds really good
  4. The Spirit Lance works in the same way as Carnage in the first game: It applies all on-hit effects to its AoE. If you use Soul Annihilation with Citzal's Spirit Lance, the damage from the ability will affect all creatures caught in the lance's AoE, and it will generate Focus from the damage inflicted on all said creatures. It's just one of many possible cheesy uses of Citzal's Spirit Lance. This brightens things up.. so i just have to take a class with good on-hit effects and my spirit lance would be viable for my PotD run? Are there any other good on-hit spells which would apply
  5. What are you saying? My favorite spell ( Spirit Lance ) is working with Soul Annihilation? Elaborate please!
  6. Did anyone tried a melee wizard in PotD? Something like wizard (no subclass) multiclass with barbarian, paladin, fighter.. using the nuke and buff spells from wizard while you are fighting the foes with dual battle axe
  7. Hey! Had the idea of a wizard who is fighting with summoned weapons, but i have no idea how i should approach it (dont have q deep understanding of the game mechanics just yet) So did anyone tried this?
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