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  1. Thousand thanks for all the advice! In the end, I've decided to start from scratch and do an evil playthrough of PoE (which I've never finished) as a Bleak Walker until Deadfire difficulty is fully patched up, then try to transfer it as a Bleak Walker/Troubadour. I'll be using companions to fill in the gaps in the Death Knight/Blackguard skill set (mainly frost magic, plague). Thanks to you, I already have ideas for the next character though! Have fun
  2. Hi folks, first time posting here! So I've been wanting to go through POTD again and toying with different kind of builds. My first campaign MC was a shady Black Jacket/Ascendant guns and blunderbusses user but I wanted to experience melee a bit more this time around. I settled for a truly evil character of type Death Knight (think WoW DK) and I was wondering what classes/subs you could recommend. I'm mostly looking for RP fluff as I'm still not fully familiar with the PoE setting. Having lots of stuff to do in combat wouldn't hurt though, the less auto-attacks the better! At first
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