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  1. So, people who had a chance to play the new DLC already- is the level cap raised?
  2. The Three are the dragons who became the Guardian of Ukaizo. But I am curious about the empty alcoves. One is Abydon, of course, but who are the other two? I am guessing one of them is probably Rymrgand, because it seems like he physically appears in the Land sometimes, but who (and where) is the last one?
  3. The Engwithans' problem was not that there was no divine magic, but that there was too much of it. Every cult leader believing in some random false god had real power. That's why the Engwithans tried to discover the truth about the gods, and discovered there were none
  4. Same issue, playing as old blood Principi. You can just walk past and exit the map if you want to continue playing. The rest of the endgame is unaffected
  5. Sigil of Death doesn't have any immunities. The ones that do can be dealt with AOE spells or ranged weapons that don't do pierce damage (the frost bow, that pistol that does raw damage, etc).
  6. It happened to me several times. Once, at sea when loading a save before a scripted event, once when loading a save before talking to Ehrys in the DLC. In my case, that save was borked forever, but reloading a save before that worked. So, hard save often.
  7. I always keep him single class. Yes, mutliclass wizards are great, but I want my Wilting Wind and empowered Minoletta's Missile Barrage, damnit.
  8. Yes, I can think of several occasions where you can lose reputation points for animal cruelty
  9. Each hit from a sigil of death gives you an injury. 4 injuries=death. There are wardstones that protect you from a sigil's effects, which last until the next rest. Also, the range of a warbow or an arquebus is greater than a sigil's pulse area, so you can safely snipe at it from far away without any of your characters getting hit.
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